EPIC FAIL: Carly Fiorina says if Supreme Court Rules FOR Gay ‘Marriage’ We Should Support It


Shhh… if you listen close enough you can hear any hope that Carly Fiorina had of being the GOP candidate for President disappearing. On Monday, Carly Fiorina was speaking to the blog Caffeinated Thoughts when she said that she would support a Supreme Court decision foisting gay marriage upon the states.


Here’s Fiorina on Caffeinated Thoughts:

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“I think the Supreme Court ruling will become the law of the land, and however much I may agree or disagree with it, I wouldn’t support an amendment to reverse it. I very much hope that we would come to a place now in this nation where we can support their decision and at the same time support people to have, to hold religious views and to protect their right to exercise those views.

 I think this is a nation that should be able to accept that government shouldn’t discriminate on how it provides benefits and that people have a right to their religious views and those views need to be protected. We need to protect religious liberty in this country.”


To her credit, while Fiorina has long believed in civil unions and the equal treatment of gay couples (under the law), she has also been a vociferous advocate of religious liberty. She spoke out in favor of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and continues to couch her support for gay marriage with the idea that Americans should be able to dissent due to religious belief.

I just don’t think that Fiorina realizes how virulent the gay lobby has become in their efforts to stamp out all dissent. Our religious liberty is no longer of any concern to liberal activists who value their definition of “equality” above all else. Succumbing to gay marriage advocates on this issue will not protect us in the future; in fact her position will only hasten the demise of religious liberty (and all other God-given liberties as well).

After watching her in action on the cable news networks over the last few weeks, I had high hopes for Carly Fiorina… alas, it was not meant to be. I think Fiorina will one day look back on this interview as the end of her campaign.

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