The Most Enraging Video You’ll See All Day – Democrats think You’re an Idiot

I know that many of you are growing weary of all of the attention being paid to MIT professor and economist Jonathan Gruber. However, you really must stick with the story, folks. The Gruber Scandal isn’t about Jonathan Gruber – it’s about the way Democrats lied to the American people over and over again. It’s about understanding the idea that the Democrat Party will do whatever it takes to accomplish the things that they believe need to be accomplished.

They will Lie, Cheat, Steal, Cover-up and Kill to push their liberal anti-conservative agenda.

Watch this video – if you don’t get angry… you might be a Democrat.


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Even with this video out there, the liberals will continue to pretend that Jonathan Gruber never actually existed… but he did! Here is President Obama’s former Car Czar, economist Steve Rattner, on MSNBC yesterday reminding everyone that Jonathan Gruber is the glue that holds Obamacare together.

“I think if you go back to The Washington Post or The New York Times, or anything from that period, you will find Jonathan Gruber’s name all over it.”



Oh. By the way… videos of Jonathan Gruber’s appearances at colleges and Universities across the country… seem to be disappearing. Weird, right?

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