Enraged Liberals Might Reject Feinstein

Because she said Donald Trump might be a good president, Democrats might reject Feinstein in favor of someone who preaches resistance.

To reject Feinstein for not being hostile enough to Donald Trump seems insane. But Liberals are enraged at Senator Dianne Feinstein for not being hateful enough. She was already remaining silent on whether she would run for another term in 2018.

Now, she may have a Democrat opponent to deal with.

The L. A. Times reports, “Sen. Feinstein called for ‘patience’ with Trump. Now she faces a liberal backlash as she ponders reelection.

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At a time when the Democratic base is more restive than it has been in decades, Sen. Dianne Feinstein ignited a firestorm earlier this week when she refused to back the impeachment of President Trump and instead called for “patience” over his presidency.

The statements — provocative in Democratic circles and near-heretical in her hometown of San Francisco, where she made them — reflected a moderation and pragmatism that have been hallmarks of Feinstein’s career. But these qualities, after proving politically advantageous for decades, could become an albatross because of the state’s shifting demographics and political leanings as the 84-year-old decides whether to seek a sixth term.

Potential rivals are already circling.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León lashed out at Feinstein’s remarks hours after she made them Tuesday at the Commonwealth Club, saying that women, children, people of color, immigrants and members of the LGBTQ community had little time for patience in the face of the president’s policies.

On Thursday, he reiterated his disappointment in the state’s senior senator.

“It wasn’t the proper tone or tenor, especially given the current state of politics at the national level,” De León, who is termed out and rumored to be considering a Senate run, said in an interview with The Times. “We don’t owe Trump patience. We owe Californians resistance.”

De León’s words were a remarkable rebuke from a top California Democrat of one of the state’s most powerful and venerated leaders. They were also a reflection of how the political landscape in California in 2017 — in the aftermath of the election of Trump and amid simmering rage from the Democratic party’s most liberal activists — is dramatically different from the era when Feinstein gained political prominence.

Read the entire L. A. Times story.

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