The End of Christianity in Iraq?

When I attended Liberty University one of the most important people I had the chance to meet was a man named Vernon Brewer. Vernon Brewer is a beautiful man who has spent his life working hard to bless the less fortunate in our world and to carry the Gospel to the ends of the planet. He is the founder and CEO of World Help, an organization that helped to save thousands of lives and provide food and education for millions of impoverished children. World Help (and Vernon Brewer) are literally on the front lines in the battle against poverty, disease, famine, war and persecution.

Brewer and World Help are now in Iraq ministering to the thousands of displaced Iraqi’s who are fleeing from ISIS. He has been reporting from Iraq since he arrived… and sadly, the news is not good. He recently wrote an article for World Help wondering if we were witnessing “the End of Christianity in Iraq?” Please take the time to read what he has to say about what is happening to the besieged Christians fleeing the evil that is ISIS.

Today, we visited a remote village near the ISIS stronghold of Mosul in Northern Iraq. Nearly 800 Christian refugees occupy a small cluster of abandoned buildings left by residents who have already fled the violence. Ever since ISIS began its bloody conquest for power, this community has remained totally unreached by aid and relief teams.


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The refugees we met were bewildered, starving, sick, and utterly alone. Every day they live in fear. Their children cry out in the night, terrified by nightmares of the horrors they have witnessed . . . astonishing images of evil that can never be erased.

ISIS has attacked here before. And just two nights ago, bombing could be heard in the valley below, only a few minutes away. The extremists already occupy the neighboring village, and they are expected to arrive here any day now.

Our teams worked quickly to distribute three truckloads of supplies to these families—carpets and blankets to sleep on, staple food items, hygiene items, and clean water.

Please take a moment to watch this brief video update to see the impact your generosity is making:

On the Frontline: Helping Christian Refugees in Iraq from World Help on Vimeo.


Most of the Christians fled here after they were driven out of their homes by ISIS. The majority of them were robbed of all their belongings at checkpoints along the way. With nothing left to call their own, the kindness of strangers is their only hope of survival.

I met Karam and Rana, a couple who lived in Mosul before being overrun by ISIS. As the Iraqi armies fled, the persecution began almost immediately. Trucks with loudspeakers attached to them traveled relentlessly around the city blaring one bone-chilling anthem: “Convert or die.”



A notice was even pinned on their door, confirming the worst: Any Christians left in Mosul would be executed in the streets for apostasy.


Karam and Rana gathered their children and ran, moving constantly to escape the slaughter. In all, they’ve lived in four different villages without hope for safety or consistency anywhere. “Our children have no way to go to school; we have nowhere to live; we have no solutions; there is nothing to go back to,” they told me.

Only hours ago, ISIS took control of a village literally 10 minutes away from here. The couple knows they need to prepare to run again . . . or face torture and certain death. “This is the end for Christians in Iraq,” Karam said. “All of us are leaving.”


What we are witnessing today is, without a doubt, the Christian Holocaust of the Middle East.

These persecuted believers have been forgotten by the world. The violence has kept many aid groups away from villages like this, and thousands will starve without immediate help.

Today, more than ever before, I was reminded of the purpose of World Help . . . of why we exist—It is for such a time as this. We cannot wait a moment longer for others to intervene. It has to be us. It has to be our families, our churches, and our communities who stand and say together: “ENOUGH!”

Time is running out. Can I count on you to join me today?

Please consider joining with World Help to support the Christian communities that are struggling to survive in Iraq. Our brothers and sisters need your help – we can be the hands and feet of God, blessing these people half a world away. We may never pick up a gun to fight ISIS, but our money and our prayers can be just as effective in the war against radical Islam. These monsters would see us all wiped from the planet; can we really stand by and just let it happen?

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