Enabling Islam: How Obama, Clinton, & the Democrats Seek to Help Jihadist Muslims by Robbing Americans of Freedom & Security

“The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  —Barack Hussein Obama


Obama the Elitist

President Obama believes criminals have the right to commit home invasions of poor and middle-class households without being shot at.  He does not believe the same, with regard to the living quarters of the rich, especially when it applies to him.  This is the same guy who scoffs at Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall to protect Americans against border-crossing criminals, of the kind who killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco, and terrorists, such as the Islamic State operatives who are now at home in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  Yet Obama has ordered that the fence around the White House be built taller and stronger to protect himself against those who might do him harm.

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Obama, Supporter of the Jihad

Obama wishes to disarm victims with “gun control” rules that will only control the guns of the law-abiding.  The US border patrol has also been pulled back 40 miles from our border with Mexico, leaving the nation wide open to the same Muslim terrorism being perpetrated now by jihadists in Europe.  The Islamic State now has its terrorist operatives stationed in a part of Mexico that abuts an Obama-created foot-traffic-only part of the United States.  And when an Islamic State foot soldier is caught, the Obama Administration releases him, under his own recognizance, in a plea deal.


Hired Guns

Of course, the wealthy can afford to hire personal protection 24/7.  Obama enjoys such protection, courtesy of the US taxpayer.  And the weaponry protecting Obama is not limited to seven bullets (like in New York) or ten (like in California).  Obama has multiple guns protecting him, at any given time, and the magazine capacity has no limit.


Getting out of Dodge

The wealthy class has mobility, and are able to leave if things devolve.  Obama, for example, has reportedly bought himself a home in Dubai.  If true, this would mean residing in an Islamic country where a true Christian could never feel at home, in which Bibles are banned literature.  Of interest might be the fact that Dubai has no extradition treaty with the US.


Elite Politicians’ Right to Bear Arms Is Intact

obama muslim-brotherhood-1Obama’s right to bear arms—or to have others do so on his behalf—is also not limited to weapon type.  In defense of the president, the Secret Service agents and officers carry the Sig Sauer P229 .357 caliber pistol.  But they also are trained on the Remington Model 870 shotgun, the Uzi submachine gun, and the Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun.

Hillary Clinton, as an ex-First Lady, also enjoys Secret Service protection.  She, too, wishes to disarm Americans, while extending open arms to doctrinaire Muslims who, according to Islamic doctrine, are directed to murder non-Muslims.  Hillary’s aide-de-camp, Huma Abedin, is an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood.  A Hillary presidential term would, potentially, be even more destructive to America than Obama’s second term has been, since she would continue importing Muslim jihadists from Syria.  We know that Islamic State operatives are embedded among them, due to reports the Islamic State has captured passport-making equipment from the Syrian government and the fact that two of the jihadists in the Paris attacks were traveling with false Syrian passports.  Any good president should be encouraging citizens to learn proper gun safety and to take arms against the Islamic threat.


Hillary & the Democrats

The Democrats have formalized their struggle to cancel the First Amendment, by proposing a Constitutional amendment to give the government oversight of our political speech — and everything has been politicized during Obama’s two terms, right down to opinions about the weather.  Also, Democrats, led by California Attorney General Kamala Harris, whose sister has been hired by the Hillary campaign, have embarked on a process to criminalize speech that denies there is global warming.  So, Friend of Hillary Kamala Harris, along with nineteen other Democrat attorneys general, are investigating—and may take legal action against—companies, such as Exxon/Mobil and the scientists who work for them, for the crime of being climate deniers, which Harris and the others refer to as fraud.  In point of fact, science is never really settled.  I remember being taught, in high school, that there were 48 chromosomes, only to learn in college that the number had changed to 46, due to further scientific inquiry into the matter.  (This is why true science cannot exist under Islam.  The scientific pronouncements of Muhammad—such as his claim that human beings come from a clot of blood, per Koran 96:2—brook no opposition.)


Enabling Islam

Hillary-Clinton-Islam-A President Hillary Clinton who would enable Islam, while disabling the civil rights of Americans, including the right of Americans to protect themselves.  And any criticism of Islam would likely, under a Hillary regime, at some point become criminalized as racist hate speech.  The same would likely be true of remarks about gun rights.  And this would be ironic, since those who know the history of victim-disarmament laws know that the first so-called “gun control” statutes were Jim Crow laws created for use against blacks.  Asking permission from the local white sheriff for a gun permit meant that whites were permitted, but blacks were not.  Many may-issue states (as opposed to shall-issue states, such as Texas) still have Jim-Crow-style statutes on the books.  Although the courts have issued orders to California to become a shall-issue state, Democrat leaders have resisted compliance and, at this writing, are conspiring to shut down all gun shops within the state by writing rules so prohibitive as to make such an enterprise impossible to own and run.

The scarcity of legally-available guns would enable the eventual establishment of French-style Muslim No-Go Zones, called, by the politically-correct French, Sensitive Urban Zones, or Zones Urbaines Sensibles.  California Governor Jerry Brown has said Syrian Muslims are welcome in California, as long as they are properly vetted — something which is impossible, given the fact that the Islamic State now can replicate Syrian passports.  It is also true that the San Bernardino jihadists, Sayeed Farouk and Tashfeen Malik, were ineffectually vetted by the US government upon Tashfeen’s immigration to America.  Yet, despite all the risks, Democrat leaders insist on admitting more and more devout Muslims.


A Knowing President Does Harm to America

Obama has intimate knowledge of what these dangerous, doctrinaire Muslims are like, yet he persists in endangering America by misrepresenting Islam as a “religion of peace.”  (It is understandable why Bush could get this wrong, but it is simply unbelievable that Obama could misunderstand Islam, given his Muslim upbringing in Indonesia.)  Indeed, it could be argued that Obama, with his deep insight into the jihadist ways of Islam, knowingly approved a deal with Iran that would ultimately lead to a nuclear jihad, if left in place.  Obama’s is the only treaty in history to give a jihadist nation—the Islamic Republic of Iran—approval for the eventual building of a nuclear arsenal that is being built for the express purpose of wiping out Israel and America. And it is Obama who has put Islam in charge of the American executive branch of government, by hiring six members of the Muslim Brotherhood to run it.

Obama’s final nail in America’s coffin may well be the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, which could ultimately allow Sharia Law into the Constitutional governance of the United States, since Brunei (78% Muslim) and Malaysia (61% Muslim) would be allowed to help write rules for the pact, many inevitably to be based on Muslim Law.  Once the Sharia is allowed into the Constitution by treaty, it becomes US law, and, as such, can be used in American jurisprudence.  The Obama Administration has kept much of the trade deal secret, even from the US Congress.  This likely means it is a very bad deal for America, and Donald Trump is correct to call the TPP deal a “disaster” which must be canceled.


At a Crossroads

Obama did not grow up in African-American culture.  He is more accurately characterized as a culturally-Muslim president whose legacy is the harms he has perpetrated in favor of the Sharia and in opposition to America’s Constitution.  Obama has emboldened and empowered Islamic Jihad and anti-American feeling, both domestically and internationally.

America must vote for Donald Trump and hope there is enough integrity at the polls to bring the results needed to save American freedom.  Americans are at a crossroads and must overwhelmingly choose the liberty candidate, come November, or else run the risk of losing American freedom once and for all.  If we wish to save America from the Sharia, #NeverTrump is not an option.

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