Elton John says Societal Norms for Thee but Not for Me

Letter On Elton John


Elton John is trying to be a good conservative parent by not spoiling his adopted children.  It’s ironic that he broke all the sexual taboos for himself by marrying another man but insists on normal behavioral codes for his children.


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If he were really so generous he would have married a woman and allowed his children a normal household.  Then he could have cheated with another man and allowed his children the presumption of normality.


Whatever mature liberals think about homosexuality, kids are embarrassed by it. If I had gay parents as a child I would have died of embarrassment. I would have felt that the Gods had turned against me and punished me.


Whatever the politically correct opinion the chips aren’t yet in about how same sex parents negatively affects the children.


The politically correct class like to say that same sex parents bring up normal children.  Where’s the evidence?  Same sex parents is new and not at all proven.


The way Elton John probably resents normal families I am sickened by the picture in the Post of him joyfully embracing his new unfortunate, adopted son Elijah.

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