Ellen Degeneres Praised for Discriminating Against Black Gospel Singer

Ellen DeGeneres has disinvited Kim Burrell from appearing on “The Ellen Show” because the popular Christian singer addressed the issue of homosexuality at her church by calling it “sin” and the “spirit of delusion.” Someone recorded Burrell’s message and made it public and awakened the LGBT hate-community.

After hearing about Burrell’s condemnation of the sin of same-sex sexuality, Ellen responded by disinviting her to keep the popular singer from using her show as a platform for her anti-homosexual views.

Most of you are familiar with the story of a baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. The baker did not refuse to sell the customers a cake. The issue was the message that the same-sex couple wanted on the cake.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa was fined $135,000 for acting in terms of the owner’s personal beliefs in the same way a black printer would be within his rights to refuse to print signs for a pro-KKK rally, or a Jewish baker would be within her rights to refuse to bake a cake for a Nazi-themed wedding or Ellen who does not want to have someone on her show who is critical of same-sex sexuality. Each of them should have the freedom to refuse to support a view he or she does not support.

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The hypocrisy is great with these liberals. They want to have the right not to associate with people that do not agree with their views while denying people the same right who disagree with some of their views. One is a “righteous discrimination” while the other is “hateful discrimination.”

For example, there are designers who have refused to make clothes for Melania Trump, including high-profile fashion designers Tom FordMarc Jacobs and Sophie Theallet. (Huffington Post) It’s their right.

A restaurant owner posted a sign on his restaurant’s front door that read, “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.” It’s his right.

Some artists want Ivanka Trump to remove their art from the walls of her home. One overrated artist wrote, “Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you.” I’m embarrassed that Ivanka bought any of the art that hangs on her walls. But it’s her money and her taste. Too bad for this guy since Ivanka owns the paintings and they are hers to do with them what she wants.

Liberals on social media attacked teenage opera singer Jackie Evancho for agreeing to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe columnist has written “Freedom of Association Isn’t Just for the Rockettes” exposing the absurdity and hypocrisy of the so-called tolerant and liberal Left:

“The divisiveness doesn’t stop with the inaugural entertainment. Heat Street reported that many Washington-area homeowners who had planned to rent out rooms through Airbnb pulled their listings once they realized that they wouldn’t be sharing their homes with Clinton enthusiasts. ‘I have a visceral reaction to the thought of having a Trump supporter in my house,’ one owner said. ‘No amount of money could make me change my mind. It’s about moral principles.’”

Jacoby continues:

“I support them all — the singers who refuse to sing for Trump, the fashion designers who refuse to design, the landlords who refuse to rent, the dancers who refuse to dance. No one should be forced to play a role in a celebration they want nothing to do with, or to hire themselves out to clients they would prefer not to serve.

“And if a caterer turns down a request to prepare the meals for Trump’s inauguration? Or a florist declines to provide the floral arrangements? Or a calligrapher says ‘thanks but no thanks’ to addressing the invitations? I’d back them, too, and for reasons having nothing to do with Trump or Republicans or inaugurations — and everything to do with freedom of association.

“The right to discriminate — to choose with whom we will and won’t associate — is vital to human liberty. A dressmaker who can’t say no to a commission to design a gown isn’t free, and it doesn’t matter whether the gown is for a first lady or for the brides in a lesbian wedding. A liberal baker who declines to create a lavish cake decorated with the words ‘Congratulations, President Trump’ is entitled to as much deference as a black baker who declines to decorate a cake with the Confederate flag, or a Muslim baker who declines to decorate a cake with the message ‘No Muslim Immigrants.’”

If these liberals want to play the “free for me but not for thee” game, then maybe it’s time we file some lawsuits charging them with being hateful and discriminatory. Ellen should have to pay a commensurate fine of $135 million for discriminating against a black woman and her deeply held religious views since her net worth is around $200 million. Fair is fair.

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