Elderly Americans Will Surpass the Number of American Children in 17 Years!

By 2035, elderly Americans are projected to outnumber children in the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the relative expansion of the number of elderly Americans as a problem for immigration to solve. But replacing cultural Westerners with other cultures is going to bring its own set of problems.

What this means is that Social Security and other entitlement programs are going to come to a crashing end. Congress could theoretically help soften the blow, but they are obsessed with more short-run problems.

The Wall Street Journal reports, “Elderly in U.S. Are Projected to Outnumber Children for First Time.

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People over 65 years old would outnumber children by 2035, a first in U.S. history, according to updated projections released by the Census Bureau on Tuesday.

The milestone would be the latest marker of the nation’s aging, which has accelerated with baby boomers’ move into their senior years and recessionary effects on births and immigration over the past decade.

The shift deepens challenges for fiscal policy and economic growth.

Trends in birth and immigration have also slowed the rate at which the country is becoming more diverse. Whites who aren’t Hispanic will begin shrinking as a group by 2024. They would drop below half of the population by 2045, two years later than the bureau estimated just a few years ago.

By 2020, less than half of those under 18 years old would be non-Hispanic white.

The Census Bureau projects the country would grow to 355 million by 2030, five million fewer than it had estimated three years ago. That is an annual average growth rate of just 0.7%, in line with recent rates but well below historical levels.

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