Egyptian Media Blames the USA and Israel for Creating ISIS!

The Egyptian state-owned Al-Ahram media published a disgusting cartoon this past Wednesday, essentially laying the blame for the ISIS and the deaths of 21 Egyptian Christians at the feet of the United States and Israel.

The cartoon shows the red stripes of the American flag as ISIS swords and the stars as Jewish Stars of David, while exhibiting the phrase “America after the slaughtering of our sons,” in Arabic.

USA BLamed for ISIS


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I don’t totally disagree with the premise that America carries some of the blame for the fall of Muammar Gaddafi during the “Arab Spring” in 2011. Our leaders (President Obama and Hillary Clinton in particular) did not have the vision to recognize the dangers of supporting the Libyan revolution. But to blame us for the deaths of these Egyptians is ghastly.

The deaths of these 21 innocent men is the fault and responsibility of ISIS alone. American hearts broke when these men were executed, and many American Christians carry a weight of grief that no Muslim Egyptian can claim. In fact, Egyptian Muslims have been persecuting (and KILLING) these same people for years – so to pretend they care when ISIS in Libya does it seems disingenuous, at best.

This cartoon is disgusting and the sentiment behind it is even more offensive.

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