Effective Immediately: Employers No Longer Required to Provide Birth Control Coverage

The Trump administration says “no more” when it comes to employers being required to offer birth control coverage.

Effective immediately, as of Friday,  the mandate has been nixed and birth control coverage will be up to the employer to include in the health insurance plans, if they so choose.

ObamaCare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, made it a requirement for businesses to offer health care that also covered  birth control in total, meaning the employee did not need to pay a co-pay. However, under the previous law, houses of worship were exempt from the requirement.

The Hill reports:

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According to officials on a press call Friday, employers will not have to file anything with the government to stop offering the birth-control coverage; instead, they simply have to notify their employees of the decision.

The move could potentially impact millions of Americans who now receive birth control with no co-payments.

President Trump signed an executive order in April that instructed the Department of Health and Human Services and other departments to address “conscience-based objections” to the mandate, which has faced strong opposition from religious schools, charitable organizations and priests and nuns.

Shortly after Trump’s executive order, former HHS Secretary Tom Pricevowed he would take “action in short order to follow the president’s instruction to safeguard the deeply held religious beliefs of Americans who provide health insurance to their employees.”

Of course many Democrats are speaking out against the new bill, stating that it is a step back for women’s health care.

However, it is not the responsibility of an employer to pay for birth control anymore than it is their responsibility to pay for condoms or tampons.

National Women’s Law Center President and CEO Fatima Goss Graves said, “Today’s outrageous rules by the Trump Administration show callous disregard for women’s rights, health, and autonomy. By taking away women’s access to no-cost birth control coverage, the rules give employers a license to discriminate against women.”

She added, “This will leave countless women without the critical birth control coverage they need to protect their health and economic security. We will take immediate legal steps to block these unfair and discriminatory rules.”

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