Education is a Weapon

In this land of the free, our future may well be determined by our unknowing.  Within this state of confusion, there exists two elements; one in the conniver and the other is the trusting believer.  While diverse in every aspect, one knowingly, the other not so, both combine ro weaken our Constitutional Republic.

As the title suggests, our need for education has been transformed into a perverse weapon.  Consider that the conniver manipulates/eliminates certain valued lessons while the believer obediently follows.  Thus, those familiar with the truth will not spread its valued word, and the reason is obvious!  The following example explains:

The media delights with its reporting of Trump’s travel ban being nuxed; particularly noted by the Ninth Circuit Court.  Without our realizing, this MSM intensity forms an intimidation factor against any proper recourse and is designed for that exact purpose.  “Why” you ask?  Simply put, media elites know that the Ninth Circuit rulings rests upon a legal eggshell.

Congress has the authority to address this obvious hike in judicial activism since under their purview they, not the Constitution, created all the lower federal courts.  So, in one fell swoop, the Ninth and others could undergo a very legal reorganization, reduction or even an elimination.

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With this in mind, it makes sense to protect and preserve this judicial outlawry through the heightening of public emotions so that any attempt to rectify will appear as a revenge laden act.  And in part, this is all made possible when education experts excluded the required studying of Civics and our Constitution.

Such ignorance is dangerous since it encourages the conniver.  In this case, inflaming our uninformed citizenry offer a protection for their activism, which in turn weakens our Republic.  And it all started in the classroom!

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