Ed Sheeran Outs Himself As Pro-Killer When It Comes to Unborn Babies

Ed Sheeran wrote a wonderful song in 2011 called “Small Bump.” It might have led you to believe he was a human being with empathy.

Because abortion opponents in Ireland are using his song to “humanize” human babies, Ed Sheeran tries to undo their message.

Ed Sheeran wrote a wonderful song in 2011 called “Small Bump.” It might have led you to believe he was a human being with empathy.

That would be a mistake. Ed Sheeran is able to write this song and yet favor a regime that allows unborn babies to be ripped apart and vacuumed out of their mothers’ wombs. All his passionate and soulful acknowledgement of the humanity of an unborn baby doesn’t keep him from supporting the legal homicide of such children.

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The Washington Post reports this under the headline, “Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Small Bump’ was used by Irish antiabortion campaigners. He doesn’t approve.” Well, since Sheeran approves of mutilating the babies to death that he sings about, I don’t think civilized people should pay attention to what he approves and disapproves of. He wrote a song that points out the humanity of an unborn child at a time when such an obvious truth constitutes an act of resistance. The Irish SHOULD use his song.

Pop singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has a message for antiabortion campaigners in Ireland: He doesn’t approve of them using his song “Small Bump” to advocate for their cause.

The Grammy Award winner posted a statement via Instagram story on Friday, saying he had been informed the song was being used to promote a “Pro-Life campaign.”

“I feel like it’s important to let you know I have not given approval for this use, and it does not reflect what the song is about,” Sheeran wrote.

“Small Bump,” which is from Sheeran’s 2011 debut album “+,” was reportedly being played by antiabortion activists campaigning in Dublin’s city center, according to the Guardian.

The country is days away from voting in a referendum Friday to repeal the Irish constitution’s eighth amendment, which is considered “one of the most severe abortion bans in the developed world,” The Washington Post has reported. If a majority vote to repeal, lawmakers could introduce legislation allowing abortions within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The window of time would also be extended in the event of fetal abnormalities or if the mother’s health is in danger. According to a recent poll by the Irish Times, 58 percent of respondents are in favor of removing the amendment.

The Post goes on to reveal this insane rationalization:

However, in 2011 the singer told Interview Magazine the song was about a friend who had experienced a miscarriage. The lyrics, he said, were “from the perspective of actually being the parent.”

So there’s nothing wrong with a parent abusing or killing a child if he or she wants to? We are all wrong to judge those parents as some of the worst criminals?

A law to prevent a “small bump” from being killed is no different than a law to prevent a five-year-old from being killed. Full stop.


And as far as the song being “his property,” that’s garbage. Sheeran made massive amounts of money from pro-lifers so he can shut up about how they use it.

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