Economist Proves Liberals Hypocrites on Economics

In his most recent article for the liberal Huffington Post website, economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin proved without a shadow of a doubt that liberals are complete hypocrites when it comes to the economy and especially as it pertains to the poor.

Hotz-Eakin first notes that liberals love talking about “income inequality” and the problems of law-wage earners, and their this rhetoric got him very interested in what the facts say about liberal economic policies. To that end, he began researching what happens when liberal policies are enacted as opposed to more conservative policies — and what he found roundly condemns liberal talking points on the middle class.

The facts belie the rhetoric. Inequality rose most under the more progressive presidents and least under the conservative ones.

How does this happen? The economic lifeblood of the middle class is labor earnings and the central tenet of raising middle-class incomes – the number one priority at the moment – is increases in (inflation-adjusted) earnings.

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On this front, the record is not promising either…

This straight reading of the record raises the fundamental question: if the core of progressive policies did not succeed in raising wages and lowering inequality for the past six years, why should the voters have any interest in suffering for another four to eight?

Why indeed?

Holtz-Eakin includes two telling graphs with his analysis:





Over the years we’ve grown used to liberals preaching “income inequality” without holding them accountable for the fact that their economic policies promote the growth of income inequality! The fact of the matter is that under conservative economic policies the poor and middle class also get wealthier (perhaps not as fast as the already rich – but they still grow wealthier), but under liberal policies everyone loses (the rich just do so more slowly).



(Anybody else Notice why “No New Taxes” GHW Bush lost in 1992? This is what happens when a liberal Republican listens to Democrats…)

Isn’t it time we elect leaders who will work to benefit our personal economies? Cut taxes, cut regulations and allow the American economic machine to do what it does best. Please, for the health of our bank accounts… vote conservative in 2016.

Read the rest of Holtz-Eakin’s analysis at HuffPo.

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