Economic Advisor Gary Cohn Resigns from Team Trump

The “top” economic advisor opposed protectionism and also sided with the lies about Trump siding with racism at Charlottesville.

What should a conservative think about Gary Cohn resigning as Donald Trump’s economic advisor? While I’m thankful that Trump won the election and am glad he’s ending or renegotiating managed-trade deals (deceptively called “free trade agreements”), I don’t believe tariffs will help the economy. Ultimately, they’re just another tax and taxes don’t make Americans prosperous except for a few oligarchs.

On the other hand, I’m glad we have a President who will say “no” to Wall Street. And Cohn was insufferable after the Charlottesville riot (“protest”).

I can’t be sad that he’s gone.

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CNBC reports, “Gary Cohn resigns as Trump’s top economic advisor.

White House chief economic advisor Gary Cohn has resigned from President Donald Trump’s administration.

The former Goldman Sachs president and free trade advocate Cohn, whose departure date will come in a few weeks, decided to quit after Trump announced he would impose stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

In a prepared statement, Cohn said, “It has been an honor to serve my country and enact pro-growth economic policies to benefit the American people, in particular the passage of historic tax reform.”

“I am grateful to the President for giving me this opportunity and wish him and the Administration great success in the future,” Cohn said.

In his own statement, Trump said, “Gary has been my chief economic advisor and did a superb job in driving our agenda, helping to deliver historic tax cuts and reforms and unleashing the American economy once again.

“He is a rare talent, and I thank him for his dedicated service to the American people.”

Cohn clashed with Trump’s protectionist advisors on the issue of tariffs.

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