Ebola and the Propaganda Machine

There is a necessary, but often-overlooked necessity for a democracy: an honest press. There can be a free press, which is also necessary, but what good is a free press if everything they spout off is a lie?

Propaganda can be evil. People often blame one individual for being able to run an oppressive state, while the only reason that state is holding up is because of its propaganda machine.

Case in point: the Ebola scare. EBOLA IS EVERYWHERE! At least, that’s what the media wants you to believe.

It’s not that widespread, contrary to what you have heard. Is it a horrible disease? You betcha. Is it going to kill everyone in the world? No it won’t, at least using something called your brain… The American propaganda machine has been running rampant, and I’m not just talking about the main news networks, I’m talking about everything. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only sane person in this country anymore.

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I don’t believe the government is trying to kill us. 
The government needs to keep the people calm, and the Ebola virus is a public health nightmare, except for one minor and overlooked detail: people don’t like to touch vomit, blood, and other bodily fluids (that I won’t mention in order to keep this piece PG). 
This is only one example of propaganda.

People like to think their opinion is right, and the propaganda system is perfect for that purpose. When I write, I try to put a different perspective in my writing  (and with few exceptions, I believe that perspective). The young generation is far different than those that came before us. We have been raised on the Internet. Libertarianism has grown
exponentially, although the number is still small. Young libertarians like myself find it difficult to find a home. The Republican Party pushes us away because of our social tendencies, and the Democrats push us away because we believe in making people fend for themselves. 
It may seem like that I strayed from my original purpose of this piece, but I have not. There is a propaganda machine  (on both left and right) that is fighting over my generation, and sadly, I fear the bad guys are winning.

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