Eagle Rising Exclusive: Interview with Presidential Candidate Tom Hoefling

I had the unique opportunity to interview a courageous conservative, who also happens to be a candidate for president, this past week. His name is Tom Hoefling and he is the candidate for President from America’s Party.

“States Rights do NOT trump our inalienable rights.” — Tom Hoefling

Mr. Hoefling is a dedicated, intelligent, and well-spoken constitutional conservative from the heartland who is passionate about the fight to save America from itself. I was able to speak with the very busy presidential candidate for about an hour this past week, just before he was set to leave for Kansas City to be nominated for the Presidency by the American Party. Over the course of the next hour I was to be given a crash course in defending life, liberty, and our nation – but the focus was most certainly on defending life.

The fight against abortion seems to be of primary importance to Hoefling, who says that “equal protection” for human life “is NOT negotiable.”

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“Abortion violates God’s commands, it violates Natural Law going back to Cicero, it violates the Declaration of Independence, it violates every clause of the Constitution, and it explicitly violates the 5th and 14th Amendments as well as every State Constitution.”

The fight to end the holocaust of abortion is just one aspect of Hoefling’s fight to defend the Constitution.

“Nobody is saying what needs to be said.” – Tom Hoefling

When I asked Mr. Hoefling why he was taking on a seemingly Quixotic task like running for President, his reply was that our leaders today simply have the “wrong priorities” and that they “don’t seem to understand the basis for our nation.” Instead of allowing the Constitution to guide their decision, our legislators — even the conservatives — had lost their way and “forgotten that our rights come from God, not the Government.”

“All of good will are welcome.” – Tom Hoefling

Thomas-HoeflingPerhaps one of the most striking aspects of the conversation was the way that the conversation ran so starkly against what the common media narrative would be for conservatives. While Mr. Hoefling and America’s Party are as far to the right as a party can be in America today, the “right-wing” moniker is not an apt description of the man or his party. Mr. Hoefling and his allies are about defending life, liberty, and the Constitution, not about the negative storyline that the media drives with labels like “right-wing.”

In fact, Hoefling’s campaign website lays out a clear road for restoring our America.

Hoeflings Keys to Saving the American Republic:


  1. Remind the American people that the source of their rights is God, not men, and that those rights are therefore unalienable.
  2.  Restore governmental protection for the equal right of all innocent persons, including unborn persons, to live.3. Restore and protect the most fundamental and important civilizing institution of our society, the God-created, God-defined institution of marriage and the natural family.

    4. Restore and protect our God-given right to keep and bear arms.

    5. Defend the sovereignty, security, and borders of the United States.

    6. Restore and protect our republican form of self-government, which is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    7. Restore respect for all of the sacred obligations of the solemn oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    8. Bring about fundamental tax, regulatory, and governmental reforms.

    9. Dismantle all governmental programs, agencies or laws which are either immoral, unconstitutional, or unnecessary.

    10. Rein in our out-of-control, usurping judiciary.


The one overriding sense I got from our conversation was that Mr. Hoefling and his allies are up for the fight, and are willing to expend themselves to save our country. However, Mr. Hoefling argues that “fighting doesn’t matter unless principled conservatives are willing to raise up principled politicians.” In fact, when I asked if he thought voting 3rd Party was “wasting a vote,” this was exactly the idea that he pointed to.

“The only wasted vote is for someone who doesn’t represent you.” – Tom Hoefling

Hoefling believes that it is ridiculous to say that voting 3rd Party is “wasting” your vote. He contends that, “conservatives who are willing to compromise are the problem keeping us from saving the nation.” Hoefling maintains that, “the only wasted vote is for someone who doesn’t represent you.” Further, he reminds us that the United States of America is a representative democracy, but that system cannot function properly when voters choose to vote for people who do not actually represent them. “If you vote for someone who doesn’t represent you, then you are part of the problem,” Hoefling said. “We don’t have leaders who will get back to the basics of good moral, Constitutional government,” and it’s all because conservatives compromise and vote for leaders who don’t actually represent them.

If you’re like many conservatives in America today who are tired of moderate, weak-kneed Republican leaders who refuse to defend Constitution – then you should take a longer look at Tom Hoefling this election season.

Learn more about Tom Hoefling and America’s Party at these links:

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