Dumb Liberal Stab at Donald Trump



Trump seems so dumb that it takes intelligence to realize that he’s smart. Liberals are so dumb that they are simply dumb.


The pundits stick pins in Trump’s balloon. They don’t want what is rising to rise by its own pragmatic air pump.


Liberals stab Donald in the chest. Conservatives stab him in the back.


The National Review doesn’t give a shit that the people like Trump. Richard Lowry thinks that he is above the people like a dog squatting on his haunches over his clichéd political turds.


Intellectuals are anti-people. They forget that America is the greatest good for the greatest number. The people love him because he is real in a land of palliatives and political correct mistakes.


Academics are cut off from their bodies by their minds. They don’t feel Trump’s intelligence because they take snapshots of his snafus.


Trump boasted about the size of his penis after little man Rubio diminished it.

What man wouldn’t defend his manhood when attacked by a miniature poodle?


Obama is not clumsy but he destroys the Middle East deftly.  Trump is awkward but he builds skyscrapers with his name.


Trump builds golf courses that Obama cheats on and blames his caddies for his scores like he blames Republicans for his failures.


Obama wants to leave a Hillary legacy. Imagine a footnote in a baggy pants suit with her husband, Bill, hitting on waitresses in a sand trap. 

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