Dumb Democrat Thinks Things Would have been WORSE in Charleston if the Congregation had been Armed!

I think that Democrats think that when citizens are armed and find themselves in a confrontational situation that things turn into the Wild West. All of the evidence argues against that. Consider this, have you ever heard of a situation where private citizens get into a mass shootout with criminals hell bent on killing? No, of course not. Usually as soon as the criminal sees the weapon, they RUN!

If anything, the last year or so has proven that one armed citizen is usually the best defense against a violent criminal with murder on his mind. (See here, here, here are 3 more, here are 8 more, and Buzzfeed collected 9 Such Occasions for Us – NINE!!!)

Democrat strategist Bob Shrum ignores the wealth of evidence that law abiding gun owners are the most effective way to stop crime and sputters out this ridiculous canard on the Ed Show on MSNBC.

“I cannot imagine the horror that could’ve occurred if people were sitting around with concealed weapons, this thing started and you had a full-scale gunfight. You might not even have three survivors.”

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Shrum must think that these gun owners would become so discombobulated by one man with a gun that they would begin shooting each other. For Shrum, 9 dead is better than the outcome would have been had these poor innocents been able to defend themselves, and that is DISGUSTING.

Ask any of the relatives or loved ones of those killed if they think that it was better that they could not defend themselves. Ask them ‘if there was someway that your loved one could have defended themself, would you have wanted them to do so? Or would you rather things have gone as they did?’

Bob Shrum should be ashamed.

Every human being should have the right to defend themselves from violence or force, even when in church, school or a government building. The fact that the government would seek to disarm a peaceful citizenry is the height of tyranny and something that we should kick against with all of our strength.

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