DUI Suspect Who Nearly Killed Boy in Car Crash Had Been Deported 15 Times

I know the narrative on the left is that people cross the border – legally and illegally – so they can have a better life for themselves and their families. I have no trouble believing that that is the case sometimes.

But there are also those cases of people coming here to take advantage of the U.S. welfare system, tax-free, and commit violent crimes. It was for those cases that Trump campaigned on cracking down on illegal immigration. But that didn’t stop his liberal critics from calling him a racist and a xenophobe.

Here’s a case of a Mexican citizen who’s already been deported 15 times who was arrested following a DUI car crash that nearly killed a young boy. The boy was traveling home with his family from Disneyland, and they were blocks away when the suspect crashed into them. Here’s the San Diego Union Tribune:

A drunken driving suspect in a hit-and-run crash that severely injured a 6-year-old boy in San Ysidro over the weekend had been deported from the U.S. at least 15 times, authorities said Tuesday.

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Constantino Banda-Acosta, 38, was last deported Jan. 18, with at least 14 prior cases since 2002, federal authorities said.

Banda-Acosta is accused of speeding west on Camino de La Plaza, running a stop sign at Dairy Mart Road and slamming his pickup into a Honda Accord about 11:30 p.m. Saturday. The pickup driver did not stop.

Banda-Acosta, a Mexican citizen, was arrested about half an hour later, San Diego police and the U.S. Border Patrol said.

The car that was struck was occupied by a family driving home after a day trip to Disneyland. They were a block away from their home when the crash occurred, a relative said.

The speeding Chevrolet Silverado hit the driver and passenger’s side where the boy, Lennox Lake, was sitting in his car seat, said his grandmother, Cheryl Lake.

The boy’s father, Benjamin, became trapped. His wife, Ingrid, crawled out of the front passenger seat and rushed to aid Lennox, who was unconscious, not breathing and bleeding from his nostrils, ears and head, his grandmother said.

The child suffered a major head injury and was taken to a hospital. As of Tuesday night, he had undergone two surgeries at Rady Children’s Hospital, Cheryl Lake said.

Despite a long road ahead, his family and doctors are “cautiously optimistic” the boy will make a full recovery, his grandmother said.



Soon after the collision, Border Patrol agents came upon the family’s wrecked Honda and fanned out in search of the hit-and-run driver.

A few blocks away, shortly after midnight, agents found a damaged pickup that matched the description Ingrid Lake gave them. Inside were two men, who were detained.

Banda-Acosta was identified as the driver. He was booked into jail on suspicion of felony hit-and-run with injury, drunken driving with injury and driving without a valid license.

The Border Patrol took custody of Banda-Acosta’s passenger, also an unauthorized immigrant, agency officials said.

Banda-Acosta is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday . He was being held on $100,000 bail.

His criminal history includes arrests stemming from domestic violence allegations against his wife of 18 years, Chula Vista police Capt. Fritz Reber said. Chula Vista police arrested Banda-Acosta April 9, 2006 and Jan. 9 of this year.

ICE spokeswoman Lauren Mack said the agency would again seek deportation for Banda-Acosta after any conviction and sentence is served in connection with the DUI and hit-and-run crash.

The agency confirmed that, given its longstanding relationship with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, ICE is confident Banda-Acosta will be released to the agency once his criminal case is settled.

Cheryl Lake, the boy’s grandmother, was shocked and at a loss for words when a Union-Tribune reporter shared information about the number of times Banda-Acosta has been deported.

She said she couldn’t wrap her mind around how Banda-Acosta repeatedly entered the country illegally.

“There are not enough words to describe the huge impact his actions have had,” she said.

ICE confirmed that 15 removals is a significant number and indicates an egregious immigration violation.


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