Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Speaks Out on Donald Trump, Muslims, and Guns

“Cruz was my choice, but the people spoke.” – Phil Robertson, from TV’s Duck Dynasty

CNN’s Don Lemon had an intriguing conversation with famed Duck Commander patriarch Phil Robertson this past Monday night. It was an interesting conversation that ran the gamut of topics from the GOP presidential primary to Muslim refugees, border walls, and guns in the classroom.

From the beginning, it was apparent that Robertson was not entirely comfortable with Donald Trump as the choice for president, but he quickly maintained that he would be supporting Mr. Trump in the coming election.

Listen as Robertson explains why he sided with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) over Trump in the primary.

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But Lemon also spoke to Robertson about many other issues, like Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall on our Southern border, and his idea to put guns in our public school classrooms. Throughout the conversation, Robertson tried to explain that he wasn’t an overtly political man, though he did stay abreast of the issues. Instead, Robertson said that he was far more interested in helping his neighbors and he could do nothing about the media perception of him as a “far right” zealot.

Watch the entire interesting conversation below:

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