Drunk Illegal Alien Sets Hospital Emergency Room On Fire

A drunk illegal alien set a fire to his bed in a hospital ER at the Washington Adventist Hospital causing extensive damage and endangering lives.

This all happened in the sanctuary city of Takoma Park, Maryland where criminal illegal aliens are protected and given healthcare courtesy of the taxpayers. Sanctuary city, huh? Who could have imagined something like this happening by an illegal alien there?



TAKOMA PARK, Md: A highly inebriated man set a fire within the Washington Adventist Hospital emergency room, putting dozens of lives at risk, the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office tells ABC7.

It was 9:15 a.m. on Sunday, May 27. Hospital staff found patient Henry Padilla-Martinez, 20, of an unknown address, wandering the halls of the ER. As an employee attempted to guide Padilla-Martinez back to his room, he noticed the drunken man’s hospital bed was ablaze. Staff ran to grab a fire extinguisher and frantically sprayed down the bed to prevent the fire from spreading further.

Firefighters were called to the hospital. The visible damage included burnt linens, melted plastic framing and discolored flooring. Padilla-Martinez’s room was located directly across from the main nurse’s station. More

Just another misunderstood all American boy. Liberals have created a new protected class of people.

Takoma Park, Maryland proud sanctuary city:

With the election of President Trump and his recent executive orders to ban Muslims from the country and deport undocumented immigrants, Takoma Park has drawn a firm line in the sand: “People should know that Takoma Park remains a sanctuary city,” said Mayor Kate Stewart.

In the early 1980s, hundreds of thousands of refugees from Guatemala and El Salvador fled to the United States to escape civil war. But President Reagan and the federal government claimed they were “economic refugees,” ineligible for political asylum. As a result, the Immigration and Nationalization Service (INS)—precursor to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement–arrested them and deported them back to their war-torn homelands.

This national sanctuary movement helped lead to a series of resolutions initiated and adopted by Mayor Sam Abbott and the Takoma Park City Council.

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