Matt Drudge Trolled Obama Then Twitter EXPLODED!

Well played… Matt Drudge trolled Obama in a rare tweet after the former president crawled out of his hole to trash President Trump. Calling him out by name, then had the nerve to arrogantly take credit for Trump’s booming economy.

Obama spent 8 years blaming Bush for everything, now he wants to take credit for President Trump’s success’. What alternate reality is he living in?

Obama is the gift that just keeps on giving.


Obama gave a speech at the University of Illinois on Friday.  He trashed Trump then arrogantly took credit for Trump’s booming economy.

The former president kicked off his campaign tour to help the Democrats win this fall in the midterms–only he will do them more damage than good.

Obama was a horrible president. He is the only president in history to never see a single year of 3.0% GDP growth yet here he is with a smug look on his face giving himself credit for Trump’s accomplishments.

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Democrats lost a grand total of 1,042 federal posts under Obama’s presidency.

This includes Congressional, state legislature and governorships–this was a repudiation of Obama’s policies.

Matt Drudge pointed out the carnage in the House and Senate under Obama’s presidency then said, “Now the former president is determined they never get them back!”

“Democrats lost 76 House seats and 15 Senate seats during Obama‘s terms. Now the former president is determined they never get them back!” Matt Drudge said in a viral tweet.

Careful Matt, Dorsey’s algorithm could ban you for Tweeting the truth out.

Twitter responds:

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