Drudge Explains How Trump ‘Saved the Media’ in Rare Radio Interview [AUDIO]

Conservative shock jock Michael Savage turned 75 on Friday. In honor of his ’75th anniversary,’ Matt Drudge of the infamous Drudge Report took over Savage’s show for a little while, fielded a few questions from callers, commented on the Trump administration so far, and offered from friendly advice to the President.

At one point, Drudge pointed out how Trump actually “saved the media.” What did he mean by that? Well, prior to Trump’s winning the presidency, the media was on the brink of demise. Sure, people were tuned in to watch the campaign coverage, but I think so many people just assumed Hillary was going to win, and most people were probably fed up with how lame the coverage was – pro-Hillary, anti-Trump – and they turned to other alternative sources for news coverage.

“I’m getting a little bit nervous about the media situation,” he said. “The media was hanging on by the short-hairs. Do you know Vanity Fair was going under? CNN barely had a fraction. Some of the networks had N/A…

“Trump has saved the media. Record ratings now because the opposition is consolidating, they are following every bouncing ball. People actually believe Trump is a Russian agent — this is the drugged ones. This is the drugged ones.”

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If Hillary had won, the media would have certainly gone through a dark age for a time.

But since Trump won, the media’s ratings have been revived. That’s not just because so many people hate Trump and love to see him getting beat up in the press. That is part of it, but you don’t have to hate Trump to watch mainstream media sources. Some people actually love to be outraged – whether it’s at what’s being reported, or whether it’s at those doing the reporting. The media doesn’t care whether you love the network or hate them. As long as you’re watching, that helps their ratings.

Drudge also offered some friendly advice to the President. He said the President doesn’t need to be in the public’s face everyday. He needs to ‘disappear’ for a while and work behind the scenes.

“Nixon wasn’t in your face. Since when did the president become someone who was in your face all the time,” Drudge said. “I think he should just go to work behind the scenes, but I think after Bill Clinton you had to be in the public face every day. Obama took it to new heights… I don’t think the president needs to be out front every day saying something.”

“I think we would respect him if he got serious things done and the end result, you judge the tree by the fruit,” he said.

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