Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Brilliant Speech at the Reagan Library

“I will never be a politician, because I will not do what is politically expedient.  I will do what is right.”  —Dr. Benjamin Carson, on what kind of a president he might be

Enter Dr. Ben Carson

At 6:27 PM, on September 28, 2014, Dr. Ben Carson entered the Presidential Learning Center of the Reagan Library to a standing ovation.  Dr. Carson was at ease with himself and appeared to enjoy himself immensely while delivering his message.

From Political Correctness to Common Sense

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As a youngster, Carson was a liberal Democrat, but he credits the speeches of Ronald Reagan with changing his political thinking.  “They made sense,” said Carson, “common sense,” adding that common sense is what our country needs today.

“Political correctness is antithetical to our founding principles,” Carson insisted, calling political correctness “part of a plan to silence us.”  Saul Alinsky, Carson reported, advised radicals—in his Rules for Radicals—to make the majority think their ideas are out of style; this way they can be intimidated into going along with ideas they otherwise would not feel comfortable with.  “If there is a black president, and you are white and disagree with him, you are a racist.  If you are black and disagree, you’re crazy.”

An Inspirational Mother

ben_carsonDr. Carson credits his mother with inspiring him to become a success.  His mother was one of twenty-four children, and she worked three jobs—working from 5:00 AM to midnight most days.  She had only a third-grade education, but she assigned her kids to read two books a week—plus an accompanying book report for each book—and turned the television set off.

After a year of reading books, Ben Carson found that he knew a great deal that others did not know.  He liked the feeling and, therefore, began to like learning from books.  Of particular interest to him were books on medicine.

Carson’s parents divorced early, when his mother found out that his father was a bigamist with another wife and family.  While growing up, Carson’s mother did not accept excuses.  If a problem presented itself, she would ask, “Do you have a brain?” and would follow with “Then find a solution.”

Initially, Ben Carson was a bad student whose only talent seemed to lie in “pushing people’s buttons.”  But his mother’s insistence that he read and write reports helped him to go from being a trouble-maker at the bottom of his class to a good student at the top of his class within a year’s time.  She could not read the reports he and his brother wrote, but the boys did not know that, since she marked up the reports as if she had read them.

Dr. Carson’s Challenge

Carson stresses that education is important to a free society and says that “ignorance is destroying the country today.”  We have come a long way, according to Carson, from being the educated country that Alexis de Toqueville found when he visited in the 1800s and discovered a literate America with a citizenry that embraced a can-do attitude.  “Today,” said Carson, “the can-do attitude is being replaced with the what-can-you-do-for-me attitude.”

“The people are at the pinnacle of power in our country.  The government is supposed to conform to the people,” said Carson, “but today it is the other way around.  This must change, but, for the people to take charge of things again, they must be knowledgeable.”

Dr. Carson’s challenge to all Americans is for every American to spend half an hour each day learning something new.  It does not matter what the knowledge is that is being accumulated.  It only matters that the country is becoming more learned, more informed, so it might make wiser choices in the future.  “It is impossible,” joked to Dr. Carson, “to overload the human brain.  You would have to learn one fact a second for three million years to overload the brain.”

Integrity & Moral Fiber

bencarsonAnother theme of Dr. Carson’s was the theme of integrity.  “We need to develop integrity as a nation,” he said.  “We cannot believe that everything is relative, or we’ll lose our nation, no longer knowing who we are.”

Dr. Carson shared a story about when he was a student.  The word was put out that all the class had to retake a final, due to the accidental destruction of the exams.  The test distributed was much harder than the original.  The professor left the class five minutes after handing it out.  Within a few minutes, half the class had left to obtain help completing the test.  As time went by, more and more students left, until only one student was left—Ben Carson.  After he found himself alone, the professor and a news reporter entered the room and gave Carson an award for being the most honest student.  “I will never be a politician,” commented Carson, “because I will not do what is politically expedient.  I will do what is right.”

Today, there are far too many regulations on the books, according to Dr. Carson.  Because of all these rules, the government can shut anyone down at any time, if one is not co-operating to the government’s liking.

What we also need is a government that will stop printing money and stop running up the national debt.  “We need to have the moral fiber to leave something for those coming behind us.”

Winning Back Our Freedom

“I am confident that we are going to get our country back,” Dr. Carson stated.  “But we must stop teaching history about ourselves that paints us as all bad.  The way the AP history course is today, it is a wonder that students exiting the course aren’t all inspired to join ISIS.”

We must all take responsibility to teach the truth about our country to others.  “We must have the courage to speak up,” thundered Dr. Carson, “for we cannot be free, unless we are brave.”

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