Dr. Ben Carson Agrees with President Obama – Homosexuality is a Choice

Dr. Ben Carson got eviscerated by the media because he claimed that people who engage in homosexuality do so by choice. Dr. Carson’s analogy about prisons was not the best example to use to make his case, but the choice factor is a given. And even if choice is not a factor, just because a person has an inclination to do something, the something he or she is inclined to do does not mean that thing should be done.

Even President Obama said that homosexuality is a choice, a view that those in the gay community would dispute and argue against if anybody else had said it:

“I think people know that treating folks unfairly, even if you disagree with their lifestyle choice… Let them live their lives, and under the law they should be treated equally.”

So as long as a person claims that what he or she does is a “lifestyle choice,” that person must be treated equally? Are there any limits to these “lifestyle choices”? On what basis can a “lifestyle choice” be questioned?

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What if a pedophile claims that he can’t help himself, that he, like the homosexual (or any of the other 50+ types of sexual expressions that the folks at Facebook have engineered), is biologically inclined to want to have sex with prepubescent children? Who’s to say that his inclination is not so inclined?


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