Double Amputee Veteran Slams NY Gov. Cuomo for Saying ‘America is Not Great’

Last week New York’s Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo, told a room full of kids that America was “never that great.” Now a double amputee military veteran has a few words for the governor’s ignorant comment.

The demagogue New York governor, inbred half-wit Andrew Cuomo, is the same governor who told all Americans who hold a center-right ideology that they are not welcome to live in New York. But he keeps showing how ignorant he is and last week he was heard telling a room of little girls that America was never great.

“We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great,” Cuomo said in front of an audience of teen girls and young people.

Even the kids knew how outrageous this was because as he said it, a bunch of guffaws could be heard from those in attendance.

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“We have not reached greatness,” this ignoramus went on to say. “We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged…” and then he went into just another screed focused on left-wing victimology.

Well, one military veteran who has given so much to this great country had a few words for the New York jerk.

Johnny Jones lost both his legs serving in the military to protect this great county, and he has a little message for Cuomo.

Per the Daily Caller:

“I want to give Governor Cuomo a little bit of a lesson real quick. When the president says ‘Make America Great Again,’ what he means and what voters who voted for him hear is, ‘make our elected representatives represent our greatness again,’” Jones said.

“There was a time when you looked at someone with a different colored skin who prayed at a different place or ate differently than you do, or had a different culture and you saw an American. There was a time when someone’s house burned down, down the street. You were the first one there to help them. I believe that those people are still alive and well in this country, but our elected representatives — they don’t see it that way.”

Jones said people like Cuomo don’t want to represent the conservative part of America and claimed the Democratic governor has lost his faith in people.

“They don’t look to represent that part of America,” Jones concluded. “It’s people like Governor Cuomo who have little faith in us as a people that [Trump] is referring to. You see, for elected representatives it’s a lot easier to tell you what’s wrong than to spend any time fixing it, because they might work themselves out of a job.”

“When we talk about ‘Make America Great Again,’ we mean make our elected representatives represent who we are again. And by that matter we’re a great place. We’ve pretty much always been a great place.”

Here is his full, video statement:

Cuomo later went on to retract the “never great” comment. But we all know he 100 percent meant his initial statement that the U.S. is not now and has never been great. All Democrats feel that way. Democrats hate the U.S.A. It’s just that simple.

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