Doritos makes a Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial – Baby Murder Supporters SNAP!


I can’t believe that this is even a thing that we have to discuss. But, this is where we are in modern America: a place where liberal scolds believe they need to weigh in on every thing that offends them… even a commercial for a popular snack food.

During the Super Bowl on Sunday night, one of the more popular new commercials to air was a Doritos ad showing a couple during an ultrasound appointment. The ad opens with the mother sitting on the exam table, an ultrasound technician holding an ultrasound wand over the mother’s belly, and the father standing idly to the side eating Doritos. As the commercial continues, the mother grows indignant that the father is eating during her appointment, when the father notices that the baby is reacting to his Doritos. It’s at this point that things get hilarious as the father teases the baby by holding out a Dorito and then moving it around the mother’s belly.

Watch as the hilarity unfolds:

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Funny, right?

Not for the abortion extremists at NARAL, who believe that anything that reminds people that a baby is a human, especially when still in the womb, is dangerous. The social media folks at NARAL were incensed by the Doritos commercial. They just couldn’t believe that a company would make a commercial that (in their words) “humanized a fetus.” I know, crazy, right? I mean… what kind of monster would “humanize” a human?

Here’s some of what the whack-job baby-murdering extremists at NARAL had to say.

I’m sorry? I must have missed the part where Doritos was sending an “anti-choice” message. I do think they’re right about the sexist tropes as it pertains to the clueless dad, but not so much to the uptight mom. I mean, the woman is 9 months pregnant and the dad is chowing down on a big bag of Doritos (right above her) during a medical procedure. I mean, I’m not a woman, but that would tick me off too.

But back to the main point here. The abortion lobby has become so extreme in recent years that even their “moderate” supporters, like Hillary Clinton, are advocating for abortion on demand up to the moment of birth. That is a full-formed child, folks. Today, we have the ability to deliver a premature baby at 25 weeks and still have a real chance of nursing that baby to full health and a long life. If, as Hillary Clinton wants, we legalized abortion at any time, we would simply be paving the way to legalized infanticide next. There is NO biological, psychological or logical difference between a newborn child and a 35 week old preborn child. The only difference is location – one resides in their mother’s arms and the other in her womb.

Dr. Robert George, a professor at Princeton University agreed, wondering why NARAL was complaining to the people who make Doritos, when they should have been directing their complaint at God or nature?

I gather that the really big news, as always, had to do with a commercial advertisement that was broadcast in the course of the game. Evidently, a potato chip manufacturer, or some such profit-driven purveyor of packaged foodstuffs, showed a video image of an unborn baby. This shocked and appalled the folks at NARAL, the big abortion lobby, who promptly accused the company responsible for the ad of “humanizing the fetus.” Since, however, the fetus in the video was, by all accounts, a human fetus, the offspring of human parents, and not a bovine, canine, or feline fetus, it’s less than clear how it is that the potato chip company (or whatever it was) is to blame for the humanization. Surely NARAL’s complaint would be more fairly lodged against God, or nature, or plain old biological reality.

The science on this is settled, and in our modern world to be a logically consistent and an intellectually honest abortion defender, you must also defend murder at any age. Otherwise you’re a hypocrite or a liar.

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