Doom and Gloom Thy Name is Jimmy Carter; says ‘China will Soon be Better than Us’

Can we all just agree that the sooner Jimmy Carter stops getting involved in national and international discussions, the better off we’ll all be? This is the man who has demonized Israel in the fight against Islamic extremism. This is the man who has sided with every failed policy of the left for the last 40+ years. This is the man, who, before Barack Obama, had guided us into the worst economic times our nation had seen since the Great Depression. Can’t Jimmy just retire already?

He recently appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The former President is probably most well known for two HUGE mistakes. First, the assault on our Embassy in Tehran, Iran, and the kidnapping and holding of American citizens in the last year of his Presidency. The second mistake was his decision to blame America’s economic problems on the American people in his “Great Malaise” speech. (The speech which some observers say effectively ended his Presidency.)

The same pessimism that Carter offered in that speech in 1979 can be viewed in all its glory in his statements on the set of Morning Joe, and the sad truth is that while the American people responded properly in 1979 by electing Ronald Reagan to take over for Carter, they did not do so in 2012 when they should have booted Obama. People forget that Reagan “inherited” an economic mess from Carter. In such dire straits was the American economy that Carter felt forced to deliver his overly pessimistic speech… but within the first 4 years of the Reagan administration, our economic ship was righted and we were on our way to our most productive decade since the end of WWII.

Listen as Carter once again waxes pessimistic about our nation.

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Carter2Well, we’re in an inevitable relative decline in role influence. Not because of any fault of ours, but it’s as I said it’s inevitable. I think that the combination of China and India and Brazil and South Africa and others has an increase in economic and cultural influence will replace a lot of the power and preeminence that the United States has enjoyed in the past. 

So we’re having whether we like it or not to accommodate that necessity of realizing other people are going to be as powerful and as influenced as we are in some aspects of life, not militarily. We’ll stay preeminent there for a long time. But I think economically, China will soon, you know, succeed the United States as the number one economic power in the world.

And I think influence in politics is also shifting inside the United Nations and in the ability of the United States to use its influence to change situations that we don’t like around the world… It is not because of a defect or fault on the part of the president of the United States. It’s just happening in the historical evolutionary, unavoidable circumstance.



Here’s the thing: Carter isn’t necessarily wrong about the future. He’ll be proven right if we continue to elect liberals, and if we continue to pursue liberal economic policies as we’ve been doing for the last ten years (and yes I include some of President Bush’s bad economic decision in that period as well – Bank Bailouts anyone?).

However, we can once again prove Jimmy Carter wrong if we elect conservatives to office and begin pursuing conservative economic policies. Cut taxes, cut spending, cut economically stifling regulations and begin to once again unleash the full economic force of the American people upon the world. We are nation that is used to hard work and hard won victories – this little economic downturn we’ve faced over the last decade could easily be left behind…

If Washington and her politicians would just get out of our way.

Don’t listen to the aging and pessimistic Carter. Elect conservatives to political offices across the country and support conservative policies and the U.S. of A. will once again be the most dominant political, economic and cultural force on the planet.

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