Don’t Listen to the Naysayers – You Need to See Batman V. Superman!

Because of all the negative reviews I was a bit reluctant to see “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice,” but thankfully the movie turned out to be much better than the negative reviews.  For people who enjoy non-stop action wrapped inside a super hero movie Batman V Superman is clearly worth the price of admission.

The movie starts with the city-destroying battle from the end of Man of Steel, but rather than concentrate on the Superman vs. General Zod battle, it showcases what is happening to the people and buildings on the street below, one of which is Bruce Wayne who is trying to save his staff in the Metropolis office of Wayne Enterprises (in this universe Gotham and Metropolis seem to be across the bay from each other). Interposed with this action is the story of the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, not as an origin story  (thankfully), but in short clips as part of a Wayne nightmare which is necessary to explain Batman’s actions later in the film.

Most of the world considers Superman (played again by Henry Cavill who wore the red cape in Man of Steel) a hero for winning his fight against the evil Kryptonian Zod, there is an element of the public beginning to turn on the hero. Especially after another scene where Superman rescues his live-in girlfriend Lois Lane from international terrorists which also results in collateral damage.

Here is a man with ultimate power, and sometimes that power accidentally kills humans. They worry that one day Superman will decide he is a God and will take over the world…

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