Don’t Like Donald Trump’s Strong Language? So What!?

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday when a young woman called in and asked Rush how to answer some of her family members who won’t vote for Donald Trump because of his “rough edges.” It was clear to me that this meant some of  the harsh things he’s been saying.

Now I would not say everything Trump has said in the way he’s said them, but I do like the fact that he’s taken on the media and has gone after people like Hillary Clinton pointing out her blatant hypocrisy regarding the charge of “sexism.”

As anyone can see, it’s paying off for Trump. People are fed up with the pretend opposition between the Democrats and Republicans and the sycophants in the media who will do anything to protect the Democrats and help the establishment Republicans stomp out the Tea Party types.

While this is no excuse for just any type of strong language to make this type of comparison, but have Democrats not used strong language against Republicans? Political Correctness and decorum operate as a one-way street.

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Trump is declaring that the tyrants have no clothes. For too long senatorial decorum has stopped the elected class from making this declaration because it feared retribution through denial of committee assignments and help in re-election campaigns and promises of political perks. Trump doesn’t need either, so he speaks his mind. Unfortunately too many of the people we elect are willing to follow the naked rulers and declare them to be finely attired.




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