Don’t Forget Nellie Ohr Is Named in the Memo

Among all the debate over the Nunes memo, the work of Nellie Ohr and her husband deserves more attention.

Nellie Ohr is the wife of Bruce Ohr, who was Associate Deputy Attorney General in 2016. Bruce Ohr allegedly provided testimony about Christopher Steele’s hostility to Donald Trump. But he was also the conduit for information about Trump to the FBI.

And why did Nellie Ohr possess information? She worked for Fusion GPS which was paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton!

The Conservative Treehouse posted about this:

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Mrs. Nellie Ohr’s findings were not only delivered to the FBI (likely to Peter Strzok) by her husband, DOJ Offical Bruce Ohr, but her findings were used in the FISA Court application and never revealed to the FISA Court.


Don’t be surprised to discover Nellie Ohr […] was one of the 2016 contractors pointed out within the admonitions of the FISA Court in 2017.

TCT then shows that the FISA judges had warned about contractors getting access to classified material!

If powerful servants of the deep state are married to DNC operatives, what more do you need to learn to recognize that the U.S. has been, for some time, a banana republic?

Drain the swamp!

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