Don’t Fall for it – Gun Control is Surrender!

Gun Control is Surrender


It’s kind of funny-sad that people think that they  can solve the gun problem in the United States.  That’s like saying that we can stop cancer, which we haven’t, or end death, which is impossible.


Liberals point out that we have the highest mass killings in the world.  Maybe that’s not the fault of guns or movies but because Americans are historically violent.  We started out escaping from European countries and had to become conquerors, killing Indians, in order to make this country our own.


I know it’s not popular to assume that a country is violent like some sort of Jungian collective unconsciousness.  But political correctness is an offshoot of popularity and you can see the ideological rut that dishonest acceptance has  gotten us into.


I don’t blame us.  We needed a free country.  But I name us—violent. America sacrifices order for laissez faire morals.


Perhaps some Americans have a spare gene that pops up in the bodies of sick killers and propels them to mass murder.  Does that sound stupid?  As stupid as guns shooting themselves at innocent people? 


Obviously, we’re not all bad.  But if we’re not all bad, we are bad enough. Maybe not as bad as a Muslim who allows his neighbor to stone his wife.


But God forbid you insult a Muslim in front of a liberal.  He will condemn you as being an Islamaphobe. 

As for a mass murder, he will say he needs some counseling and lack of access to guns.  It’s not his fault that he’s insane and that the merchants of death provide him with guns.


Liberals feel that bigotry against Muslims  is worse than stoning.


There is no solution to the killings at Sandy Hook in Connecticut  or Umpqua Community College in Oregon.  Still, the problem is certainly not guns; it’s sick Americans. Sickness is not an excuse; it’s merely a definition.


The real problem probably is that we don’t allow enough honest Americans, soldiers and cops to carry guns.


If designated teachers  had guns in Newton Connecticut and in Roseburg Oregon they could have shot Adam Lanza and Chris Harper Mercer before they wiped out students .  Guns in the hands of authorities would have saved lives.


It seems that the liberal, quasi humanitarians are against innocent people having guns, naively stacking  the odds in favor of the killers, imagining that being anti-gun is a form of protection rather than surrender.


Liberals say that we should tighten up mental health testing so as not to sell guns to crazies.  How can you  tell who is crazy? And what would keep a diagnosed crazy from having an undiagnosed crazy buy him weapons?


Gun control is a self-destructive concept.  It is assuming that you can stop violence by limiting access to guns when there is no way of stopping criminals from continued access to guns.


Hitler, the worst mass murderer of all, kept guns out of the hands of civilians and gave his SS Troopers ready access to them.  Big government, big guns, defenseless populace, dead Jews….


With a narcissistic, egotistic, executive-order-signing  President like Obama there is no way that I’d like to see the general population unable to defend themselves with guns.


I hate guns. I don’t even consider shooting a sport.  But I can see plainly that we need them for protection against armed criminals and a dominant government.


Gun control is not a way of controlling violence and criminals.  It is a way of controlling our own self-defense.  It is self-destructive. It is a way of good people lying down before the ideology of liberals.


We live.  We die.  We cry.  Despite our arrogance, too many Americans are born with the gene of murder and surrender.  The government smiles like the Cheshire cat at our deaths while it cries alligator tears and points the fickle finger of blame.


Gun control?  We lose control. We give away our right to life.

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