Don’t Be Duped by Brian Williams’ Apology!

Carl Becker wrote, “One of the first duties of a man is not to be duped.”

The Brian Williams apology tour (or non-apology as some claim)[1] will be reimaged to mean that only one lie had been told by one journalist. Every other journalist has always told the truth. One lie by one journalist shows how the media can be trusted.

Williams might even lose his job over his big lie to show that those in the news media are “objective” truth tellers: When one of their own sins, there’s a penalty to pay. What a joke. Why is the Brian Williams’ lie story a news story? The mainstream media have been lying to us for decades and longer. It’s gotten so bad that jokes usually told of lawyers are being used on journalists: “How can you tell when someone in the media is lying? His lips are moving.”

It has taken Williams 12 years to make his apology. The reason for his mea culpa is because soldiers questioned the veracity of his often told story of how he was supposedly forced down by RPG fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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Today’s media are the envy of every oppressive regime. They lie for the State, the State doesn’t have to pay them, and the majority of people who tune into their broadcasts and read their columns believe them!

Here are some very recent examples. The abortion march was hardly covered by the mainstream media. Not to report on a story that brought out tens of thousands of people is a lie. Why wasn’t it reported on? Because it would inform people that there is a counter position believed by tens of millions of people.

The unemployment numbers’ charade is another example. Rarely do the media ever report how many people have dropped out of trying to find a job or how many people have gone on to disability or have taken Social Security early because they are unable to find a job.

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