Don’t Dump Trump


The GOP bigwigs seem like they want to dump Trump. This is because the effeminate politicians secretly identify with the wishy washy Democrats who roll their goody goody dice and want to pretend that the world state is really nice.

Trump boldly announces what many American’s feel but the Republicans are afraid that it will backfire.  When Trump self-protectively says that he wants to ban Muslims from entering America he is right.  And many of us would rather see Muslims in their own country than shooting and beheading people in ours.  Only a Democrat would sacrifice his daughter in order to support his progressive agenda.

The Republicans are getting the stench of liberalism. They want to sound good instead of do good. They want to spout rhetoric like Obama rather than do positive actions.

Trump doesn’t care how he sounds—fuck the Muslims, fuck Carly Fiorina’s face and fuck McCain’s pride in his war record.

Even I admit that sounds awful but I’d rather have bold insults than ameliorating, mousey policies by effeminate Democrats. The best candidate they could come up with is a woman, Hillary. 

No offense to women but I don’t want to see them in combat and I don’t want one for Commander-In-Chief.  Imagine how bold the Muslims would feel with the way they hate women if they had to fight them. The Muslims would laugh all the way to the rape and the beheading.

Dump Trump?  I doubt it.  It would make Republicans as politically correct as Democrats.  And politically correct is cowardly and incorrect.

When I went to jail for two years for tax evasion I called it fighters-writers camp. I was glad to be there.  We have to have the courage of our convictions. I was convicted but Trump convicts the Democrats of failure and embarrasses the politically correct Republicans who demean him and hide beneath their subterranean liberal ideas.

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