Don’t be Angry at Donald Trump, Be Angry at His Supporters

I’ve gone back and forth on this from outright disgust of Donald Trump to guarded support of his candidacy – but at the end of the day, I just don’t get what his supporters see in him.

Let’s just be honest here: Trump was a liberal until very, very recently. Trump is STILL supportive of single payer socialized healthcare (just like Hillary Clinton). Trump believes that the so called “assault weapons” ban should be reinstituted. Trump was pro-choice until he decided to run for President as a Republican in 2011. Trump has argued for HUGE tax increases on the wealthy and he is an economic protectionist – very opposed to “free trade.” In the past he has supported both Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as many other liberal politicians… the man is not a conservative.

Michael Reagan (the conservative adopted son of former President Ronald Reagan) recently wrote that Donald Trump is a fake conservative and that his candidacy is an embarrassing moment for the GOP, the country and the planet.

Over at the Blaze, Matt Walsh writes that we all know these things. We all know that Trump is no conservative and so Walsh doesn’t blame Trump for what is happening right now in the GOP race for the White House… no, instead, Walsh blames Trump’s supporters.

Donald Trump and fansI suppose it’s no use getting angry at Donald Trump for his repugnant and ridiculous antics. He’s an impetuous phony with no integrity, and he’s just doing what impetuous phonies with no integrity do. It just so happens that he was lucky enough to be born wealthy so he can afford to seek attention by running for president, whereas the typical childish brat is relegated to sitting in the back of the classroom flicking boogers at the girl in front of him. That’s all Trump is really doing — political booger flicking —  the only difference is that he’s old, rich, and famous, with millions of admirers who proudly insist that a political booger flicker is just what this country needs right now.

To be clear, they are the ones I blame: Trump’s fans. I hold them responsible for this. And when Hillary Clinton is elected president because Republican voters decided to squander the best GOP field in decades by flocking to a cut-rate impostor in an expensive suit, I will blame them for that too. I’m frankly pretty tired of hearing even the harshest Trump critic make excuses for this shameless group of disciples. The apologists say Trump’s followers are just “frustrated” and “angry” and lashing out against the establishment. They say we shouldn’t be too critical of these folks, they’re just fed up and sad about things, the poor dears.

Yeah, I don’t buy it.

There isn’t any coherent connection between being mad and supporting a flagrant scam artist. It’s ludicrous to try and cure your anger by making everything worse; electing someone who personifies every single negative aspect of the modern American power structure. It’s perhaps common for people to get angry about one thing and react by embracing the extreme opposite of that thing. But in this case, Trump fans are allegedly angry about corrupt politicians so they’ve decided to support a corrupt businessman. They haven’t gone to the opposite extreme, they’ve gone from version No. 1 to version No. 1A. They’ve gone from worse to worst. They’ve gone from bad to a guy who is explicitly promising to run this country like an inept, tyrannical goon.

Sorry, that’s not an understandable reaction… 


Read the Rest of Matt Walsh’s scathing piece at the Blaze.

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