Donna Brazile Describes the Clinton Campaign as THIS!

In so doing, Donna Brazile describes much more than one campaign; she explains Leftist politics in general.

The key quotation in which Donna Brazile describes Hillary Clinton’s efforts to win the election comes after the 15:42 mark:

Calling the Clinton campaign “a cult” could apply much more widely. Think about Democrats and how they spoke of Hillary and why they were voting for her. Didn’t it seem more like religious cultism than rational conversation? Religious faith is necessary to explain many Liberal beliefs, from the wage gap, to climate change, to raising the minimum wage, to opposition to voter ID.

Washington Examiner reports, “Donna Brazile: Clinton campaign was a ‘cult.’

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Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile said Hillary Clinton’s campaign was like a “cult” that became impossible to persuade that it needed to reach out to other states that Donald Trump eventually won.

“It was a cult,” she said on MSNBC. “I felt like it was a cult. You could not penetrate them.”

Brazile said she has the ability to help candidates reach out to voters, but not if the campaign doesn’t agree not spend resources.

Read the full Washington Examiner story.

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