Donald Trump’s Real World Foreign Policy



Trump no longer wants to walk on the heels of other countries

In a global soup of irrelevant values where tomorrow is the failed

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Skulls of yesterday’s utopian bouillabaisse.


Trump wants a real tomorrow that doesn’t creep

In this petty pace from day to day,

To the last syllable of recorded time.


You remember Macbeth.

You remember Shakespeare.

You remember me.

If you’re my wife, I guess.


Trump wants to get out of nation building and build our internal nation.

Global, smobal,

Get out of NATO’s and the UN’S bills.

Do we really want to pay for other countries’ selfish mistakes.


Hillary and Obama want to be nice to our enemies.

I suppose if the dead can be nice.

Quit apologizing for Middle East’s atrocities.

Let them die as they would but no longer kill us.


If China and Russia are the threats

Why not get along better with them?

When we fight we should fight to win not to surrender and apologize.


Don’t let our enemies know we are coming until we are gone.

They can’t hear us leave with dirt in their ears.

There are no disproportionate responses to their radical Islamic killings.

Our excess is understated.

I am in awe of how we shock them.

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