Donald Trump’s Milwaukee Town Hall on Fox News [Full Video]

Fox News and Greta Van Susteren gave Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner for the nomination, some valuable on-air time this past weekend when they broadcast an hour-long town hall event from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wisconsin will be holding their primary today, and the state is a must-win for Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) if he wants to hold on to any hope of stopping Trump from winning the GOP nomination. Even if Senator Cruz wins Wisconsin, the road ahead remains difficult for anyone not named Trump…

Here’s the full video of the Town Hall:

If the hour-long event is a bit too much for you to watch now, I’d suggest at least watching this segment from near the start of the event.

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Near the beginning of the town hall, I thought that it was important to note that, once again, candidate Trump is heard arguing for Universal (Government/Taxpayer Paid) healthcare coverage. This is an issue on which he has called Ted Cruz a “liar,” but once again, we hear Mr. Trump saying that the government (which means the taxpayer) will pay for the uninsured.

Van Susteren:  OK, Donald, the audience is going to ask you questions, but I’m going to take the first couple of questions. The first is you want to get rid of ObamaCare, right?

Trump: We will repeal it.  We’ll replace it with something so much less expensive and so much better.  It doesn’t get worse, Greta.

Van Susteren:  All right, so tell me what, if you are — let’s say a woman had cancer 20 years ago, in her early 20s, she’s now early 40s, she has two children, single and there’s no more ObamaCare.  She’s got breast cancer back again. Under TrumpCare, what will it look like?

Trump:  Well, we’ll take care of her.  And, you know, we have so many options…

Van Susteren:  Will it be universal health care, everybody will have health care?

Trump:  It’s going to be — they’re going to — whoever wants it is going to have it…

You know what I said, and I took a lot of heat from the Republicans.  I said nobody is going to be dying on the street if I’m president.  Nobody is dying on the street..

And the Republicans said, oh, oh, that’s terrible, that’s terrible, because — look, you know, every time I speak and I say that to big audiences, they’re Republicans, mostly.  Although we’re going to have a lot of Democrat turnovers, we’re going to have a lot of — we’re going to have a lot of crossovers from Democrats because we have a very, very big election coming up right here in Wisconsin.

But every time I said we’re not going to allow people that have no money to die on the streets, I get standing ovations from Republicans.  And some of the so-called conservative geniuses, you know, the people that write the — the different letters that — where they make money or the magazines, they say oh, that’s terrible.  That’s terrible.  We should — I’ll tell you what, people don’t want to see that.  We’re going to have unbelievable health care.  When people can’t afford it, we’re going to help them out, whether it’s through Medicare or whatever.  We’re going to help them out.

Later in the Town Hall (and you can read the full transcript here), Mr. Trump also says that the rich will pay more in taxes, that abortion laws should not be changed, nor should women be punished for abortions, and that to fix the problems of rising college costs he will bring back more jobs from China.

This Town Hall simply reinforces for me the reasons that I find the idea of a “President Trump” a bit worrisome.

How about you? What did you think of Mr. Trump’s Wisconsin Town Hall? Did he win any converts, did he lose any voters? What issues would you like to hear more about from our candidates? Let us know in the comments below.

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