Donald Trump Supporters You Should be Ted Cruz Supporters!

In recent days Eagle Rising readers have beat me up for my opposition to Donald Trump. I know that standing against Trump is not currently a popular proposition and I hope you won’t hold it against me if I continue to do so. Some of you have pointed to idea that I might be against Trump because my candidate is not doing so well. It’s true, I have endorsed Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and he happens to be my favorite candidate… but he’s hardly the only candidate I like.

For example, I also happen to be a big fan of Ted Cruz. Recently Kristi Burton Brown at the Christian Post wrote an excellent piece explaining why Senator Cruz is “the best alternative to Donald Trump.” I wholeheartedly agree with Brown. If Trump supporters decide that they want to vote for an ACTUAL conservative, then Cruz should be their guy. He’s as anti-establishment as they come (so is Rand Paul, Ben Carson and maybe Carly Fiorina) and he agrees with Trump on certain key issues (like illegal immigration).

Donald Trump has capitalized on American disappointment in our leaders. He’s shown a pride in America that our current president has neglected. Americans are attracted to the idea of a bold leader who is willing to say things exactly the way they are.

And yet, the candidate best able to bring America into a courageous new frontier is Texas Senator Ted Cruz….

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No one can dispute that both Trump and Cruz are courageous. And Americans are perhaps the most courageous people in the world. But who can we trust to tell us the truth, with class? Trump has waffled on a number of issues, and has a lack of basic respect for others….

Cruz stated on national television that he is in God’s Word daily — something Evangelicals need in any presidential candidate we support.

With his boldness, humility, and reliance on God, Ted Cruz is the candidate that America needs. We need courage, but we also need honesty. We need conviction, but we also need consistency.

Ted Cruz has both. The Donald, not so much.

As the nominating process continues to move on please consider this – if you support Trump because you’re tired of the GOP’s incompetence and lies, Ted Cruz offers you the same kind of protest opportunity with one big difference. Cruz is also a consistent conservative and passionate defender of our faith and our liberty. Trump supporters, you might not realize this yet… but Ted Cruz is the guy you want.


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