Donald Trump Supporter Newt Gingrich says the Recent Wife Dust-Up should be a “Wake-Up Call” for Him

In recent weeks, former Georgia Congressman and Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (R-GA), has not been shy about owning up to his admiration, if not outright support, for Donald Trump.

However, Gingrich had a warning for Trump in the wake of the little feud that recently broke out between he and Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] over the mistreatment of their wives on the campaign trail.

Gingrich argued that the dust-up should be a “wake-up call” for Trump because not being a “gentleman” will hurt him in all-too-important states like California.

Donald Trump had a very easy answer to that truly stupid [tweet showing a semi-nude photo of his wife with a caption questioning her ability to be first lady]. 

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The answer is simple: Melania was a supermodel on a professional shoot for a very famous magazine and I am very proud of her, and she’ll be a very beautiful first lady.

If you’d just said that and moved on, the Cruz campaign would have looked stupid, [Trump] would have seemed more disciplined, and pleasant and a gentleman, and instead he has gone down into this mud, it really has hurt him. I’m not sure anybody in the Trump campaign understands what a big mistake this is…

In a state like California, this really hurts, California has a huge delegation.

Trump cannot relax and assume the very techniques that got him this far may stop him from closing the deal. He’s got to really reflect on what he’s doing.

What do you think? Is Newt Gingrich right about Donald Trump needing to recalibrate his campaign and message moving forward? Or does Gingrich overstate the risk to Trump’s campaign?



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