Donald Trump Scores Another Major Endorsement – Hello, Trey Gowdy!

The GOP presumptive nominee, Donald Trump’s relationship with popular GOP folk hero, [score]Trey Gowdy[/score] (R-SC) got off to a rocky start a couple of months ago. After Gowdy chose to endorse Florida Senator [score]Marco Rubio[/score] (R-FL), Mr. Trump unleashed a Twitter tirade that could be felt from New York all the way to South Carolina.

Fortunately for Mr. Trump, it seems that Rep. Gowdy has left the episode in the past, because on Friday’s episode of Meet the Press on MSNBC, he repeatedly told host Chuck Todd that he was endorsing and supporting Mr. Trump for President.

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“I endorse Donald Trump. I was a [Marco] Rubio guy, and if Marco had won I would have expected the [Ted] Cruz supporters and the [John] Kasich supports and the Trump supporters to support my guy. My guy lost. When the jury speaks, I’m going to support the jury…

I actually didn’t think I was that hesitant. I was a Rubio guy and Marco lost, but I will enthusiastically support the Republican nominee.”

While Trump may not have needed Gowdy’s full-throated support, this endorsement will prove to be very important. Trey Gowdy holds a lot of cache with the grassroots GOP activists and his defense and support of Mr. Trump will help to soothe many concerns that some GOP voters have with voting for Donald Trump.

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