Donald Trump says the “System is Rigged,” Ted Cruz says Trump “Doesn’t Handle Losing Very Well”!

The bickering and in-fighting between the two leading candidates for the GOP presidential nomination continued this week as Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) was able to secure a clean sweep of the delegates from the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. You may remember that back in August Colorado scrapped its plans for a regular primary vote or caucus, but that doesn’t mean the people of Colorado didn’t have a chance to vote.

Republicans held their precinct caucus meetings and voted for their preferred candidates by electing delegates for the national convention. The 37 Colorado delegates will not be pledged to any specific candidate, which is what made the selection of those delegates so important (and why GOP voters should have gone to their precinct caucuses). Because the Trump campaign had not organized in any meaningful way in Colorado, Senator Cruz was able to get his own supporters elected to ALL 37 delegate positions in what was a BIG win for him this past weekend.

I’m not sure that Mr. Trump saw this debacle developing, but I can say that he isn’t happy about it. Here’s what he said about the Cruz victory in Colorado:

It really started with Colorado — and the people out there are going crazy. In the Denver area, Colorado itself. They’re going absolutely crazy because they weren’t given a vote, this was [chosen] by politicians. It is a crooked deal. And I see it with Bernie too — I’ve gotten millions more votes. Not just a couple, millions more votes than Cruz. And I’ve gotten hundreds of delegates more. And we keep fighting, fighting, fighting, and then you have Colorado where they choose the delegates. And it is not a system. 

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There was no voting, I didn’t go there to make a speech or anything. There’s not voting…

That’s not the way democracy is supposed to work…

The system is rigged. I see it now, 100%. And not just on our side, but I think it is worse on the Republican side. Look at Colorado — the people don’t get a chance to vote.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a very different perspective on the situation, of course, and he explained what he thought was really happening while on the radio in Southern California.

John and Ken Show: The big news of the day is you won in Colorado 34-0 over Trump. You got 34 delegates, but there was not a single vote cast, not primary no caucus. Trump is now running around saying this is rigged or corrupt. One of his advisors said you are using “gestapo tactics.” What’s your response to all this?

Ted Cruz: Well it is all silliness. We’ve seen a pattern now with Donald Trump doesn’t handle losing well, and when he is losing he gets angry. And he begins yelling and screaming and often he begins cursing insults and attacks at anyone he can touch. Here’s the simple fact, in the last three weeks there have been a total of eleven elections all across the country. 

We’ve beaten Donald Trump in all eleven elections.

Let’s go back three weeks ago. The state of Utah, we won 65% of the vote, a landslide, won all 40 delegates. Fast forward to the state of North Dakota, they had their convention, elected their delegates, of the declared delegates we won 18 delegates, Trump won only 1. 18-1 that’s pretty good.

Then fast forward to Wisconsin… We ended up winning Wisconsin with 48% of the vote, another landslide…

And then in Colorado. Seven in each of the congressional districts, and then one at their state convention…

They were Congressional conventions in each of the districts that came and voted for the delegates. At stake were 34 delegates and we won all 34. A total of about 65,000 people voted in Colorado. So when Donald is screaming about the election being stolen from him, what he means is the people when they go to the ballot box are voting against him and it makes him angry

John and Ken Show: I understand what you’re saying, but obviously Trump has support in Colorado, it is not like he has zero percent support? So is this a matter of your campaign team being very smart at managing this delegate process and Trump’s team is completely out to lunch? 

Ted Cruz: No. This is a matter of grassroots activists showing up and voting and winning the election. And listen it is the case in many states that the winner gets all of the delegates even though other candidates have support.

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