Donald Trump says that Ted Cruz is “Worse than Hillary”!


Going into this presidential campaign we could have argued favorites, we could have argued about which candidate was the most liberal, the most establishment and even the most conservative. The one thing no one would have been arguing is the idea that any of the candidates might be “worse than Hillary.”

So it’s surprising now, so close to the Iowa caucuses, that one of the major candidates (the frontrunner in fact) would actually say such a ridiculous thing about one of his competitors. What makes Trump’s attack on Cruz even more unbelievable is that Cruz is the most conservative candidate left in the race and his credentials speak clearly to that fact.

I’d expect these assaults from the other candidates who are so closely tied to the establishment, but from the supposedly anti-establishment Trump, they come as a surprise.

They own him, and what he did was wrong, because he didn’t want you to know that he’s borrowing money with banks, he’s personally guaranteeing loans with banks, because if he puts it down, he’s just like all the other guys. It’s wrong, it’s absolutely wrong. 

So he’s got a double problem, because it is revealed, but everyone is like, I thought he was trying to protect us, well what’s he going to do, be tough on Goldman Sachs when he has a personal guarantee for whatever the number was? A million dollars.

I think you gotta think about that, do you know that?

A lot of people don’t know that.

It just came out, and he said with being a Canadian citizen, he said, I didn’t know that. How did he not know that?

Then he says with the loans, I didn’t know that. Smart guy, he doesn’t know that?

Yeah, that’s worse than Hillary when you think about it.

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