Donald Trump says “I See the Constitution as Set in Stone”

Donald Trump recently sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to discuss his run for the White House, his chief GOP rival [score]Ted Cruz[/score], and his perspective on the Constitution.

Donald Trump: It’s just words. Look, its just words. Ted, it’s just words with Ted. Ted is a guy who’s somebody he’s a very inflexible guy who never — he’ll never make a deal. You talk about gridlock now. If Ted Cruz became president you wouldn’t have anything done and Washington would be a total piece of stone. You wouldn’t make any — just I understand you know, he talks about he’s a constitutionalist. OK, the constitution was set up with senators and congressmen and you are supposed to work and make deals.

Anderson Cooper: Do you see the constitution as a living breathing document that — or do you see that something set in stone from long ago? Those are sort of …

Donald Trump: I see the constitution as set in stone. I see it as one of the great documents of all time. I also see it as something that says you’re going to sit down and make deals. I mean look, if Ted wants something, health care and he won’t negotiate, the other side is not going to negotiate either. There is going to be a little bit of movement. And that’s wrong.

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I just don’t get it.

I’m not looking to make any fans of Mr. Trump upset, but perhaps you could explain this all to me. How can Donald Trump argue that Ted Cruz is inflexible and un-presidential because of his ideological rigidness, and then with the very next breath say, “I see the Constitution as set in stone.” Cruz argues the same thing, which is why he is seen as ideologically rigid and inflexible. However, the very next sentences out of Trump’s mouth are about negotiating on the unconstitutional socialized/nationalized healthcare system!

If the Constitution is set in stone and socialized healthcare is unconstitutional… how can there be any negotiating on this?

You can’t have it both ways. Either the constitution is “set in stone,” or you can negotiate about these important constitutional matters like immigration, healthcare, educations, etc.

This is yet another example of why I find it so difficult to offer support for Donald Trump. I never know what I’m going to get with him. I have no idea if he’ll defend the Constitution or if he’ll use his executive powers to circumvent it… just like President Obama.

I agree, the Constitution is “set in stone” and I believe that our next President should be proposing plans and ideas to defend and support the Constitution, which is why I am supporting Ted Cruz for President.

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