Donald Trump: One Amazing Man

With ever increasing rage arising from our intellectual centers over income inequality, can we pause long enough to ask one question?  That being, “why would a billionaire want to become our President?”  I mean, forgetting all his wealth and successful business acumen, what would motivate Trump to get down into the political garbage of a presidential campaign?

Why hasn’t one single editorial or talk show star taken up this very relevant question?  Could it be that Donald Trump really and truly loves America?  Aside from all his wealth and luxurious living, could there be more to this man than brash replies, private jets and charity golfing events?  In all probability, this answer is best left unsaid, since what else could justify such an extended effort and willingness for sacrifice?

As it stands now, Mr. Trump has become a thorn to many, but this discomfort is being felt solely by those who have earned the displeasure.  It is to these individuals, those with RINO attached to their names, that seem bedeviled by Trump’s lasting appeal.

If it weren’t such a critical time for America, this drama would be somewhat amusing. Here is a candidate that defies all.  In modern America, our “free press” employs whatever means necessary for determining the success or failure of a candidate.  For those who doubt, refer to Herman Cain.

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However, not so with Mr. Trump.  The media has come to a standstill since every condemnation only adds to his support.  As previously mentioned, this brick wall has become an enjoyable surprise, especially since our media flaunts its political bias with a bullish influence.

Donald_TrumpAnother humorous venue worthy of our attention is the “establishment’s” roster of poster boys.  With all the fanfare and expectations of a much needed savior, Jeb Bush opened their bid but never hit double digits.  In clumsy fashion, he neutralized all his financial backing and endorsements when supporting both open immigration and the common core curriculum.  As such, the establishment has begun to fade.  And with the same flighty manner as a flirtatious school girl, these shadow players reshuffled and are now beginning to wager on another Floridian, Marco Rubio.

This was a natural alternative, given what a dream candidate Rubio is!  Here, wrapped in one package is a handsome Latino, owning a rags to riches portfolio comparable to Dr. Carson’s tale. With a gift to gab, reminiscent of another slick talking single term Senator, Rubio is impressing his newly found backers. However, what is conveniently overlooked is his parentage.  Our Constitution explicitly states that only a “natural born citizen” can become President of the United States.  As was the case in 2008, this once again is being ignored by our press.

Already, the purpose of maintaining the highest degree of allegiance should have been validated by the last seven years of an anti-American Presidency.  Certainly, with this experience so freshly engrained, what our Forefathers viewed as so important should now hold the greatest of value.

Donald Trump2For the curious, these pre-primary months offer a behind the scene look see of the scheming and preferences by the unseen players; those with the bucks and the inside track to the top echelons of our government.  Most obvious has been this recent shift from Bush to Rubio.  Left unmentioned are the benchwarmers, if needed, of Kasich and Christie.

The outcasts, Trump, Carson and Carly are from the private sector.  The only politico to be lumped with this trio is the outspoken Cruz, who sadly happens to own the same parental disqualifications, as Rubio.

And, try as they might, our dysfunctional media continues with its futile attempts to scandalize Trump.  Recently, their ploy centered upon Trump’s statement that thousands of Muslims were celebrating our 9/11 losses.   While they ranted and raved over this, their silence is deafening since learning of statements collaborating Trump’s 9/11 beliefs.  Bernie Kerik, NYC chief of police, along with Rudy Giuliani have voiced support of Trump’s claim.

Another element to Trump’s popularity is that he hits the public’s pulse.  Once again, he has raised an issue which will be a home run.  Trump has stated that he believes that our children should be able to pray in school. This is a winning issue which will no doubt infuriate the establishment.

Trump remains on top because Trump is a proud American who believes in his Country.  He taps into what, in many cases, has been judicially muscled away from our inalienable beings.  What is needed is for every red blooded American to do his or her best in his behalf.

In many aspects, he is a God send; much in the same manner which our Forefathers often praised His Devine Intervention during critical moments of our war for independence.  They took advantage of His gifts and we must do the same!

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