Donald Trump isn’t the Problem, Liberal Democrats Are

Warren Not Trump Is Toxic


These days transgenders think they are whatever sex they engender.  I assume that I am Shakespeare.  And Elizabeth Warren runs around her bedroom in moccasins pretending that she is an Indian.


When she comes out of her teepee for a breath of fresh air she blasts simpleminded tweets at the Donald.


She starts doing a war dance and banging her open hand against her mouth in a war whoop.


Her face is pinched.  It is not happy.  Then again how could anybody be happy when they’ve spent their life pretending that they are something they are not.  And think about all those gunshots Warren must have had to duck when she surrounded the wagon trains.  It’s like Hillary ducking bullets in Bosnia.  Gee whiz, do all Democrats lie?


Maybe Warren is a cousin of Hiawatha?  No, definitely not that pretty. In dull Indian vernacular she  said,  “I’m going to fight my heart out to make sure @realDonaldTrump’s toxic stew of hatred & insecurity never reaches the White House.”


But isn’t the person who calls someone else toxic indeed herself toxic?  Isn’t her hatred of his possible hatred to be despised. Imagine Warren running around the White House with toy bow and arrows fighting for her rights as an Indian when she is not an Indian.


It’s like the aged white hippies marching to uphold the bigotry of Black Lives Matter.


Have we strayed so far from reality that we allow identification to supersede ratification?  Come on Warren, get off Trump’s back.  Quit trying to scalp him.


As for transgenders, as Paul McCartney said, “Do it on the road.”


Warren also criticizes Trump for his stance on waterboarding. So she wouldn’t have wanted to catch bin Laden. Better to let our soldiers die than for Afghans to gargle.


And Warren  doesn’t like Trump’s statements about women.  Look at the beautiful women who surround Trump and look at Warren and that is statement enough that Warren is a bitter, unflattering woman.


Of course there is more than beauty.  But there is more than Warren’s toxicity too.

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