Donald Trump Is Right – We Need to Build A Wall!

He’s a lightening rod, to be sure. Some people think Donald Trump is a pompous jerk. A lot of people do.

I’ll be among the first to say he’s done a lot of “pompously jerkish” things. There is no good reason that Donald Trump (or anyone else) has any right to make fun of people with disabilities. It is cruel and irresponsible to make fun of people’s unchangeable characteristics.

But there are a lot of people who seem to very quickly and easily look past the little problem of Benghazi, private email servers and four dead Americans; about oral sex in the Oval Office: about law suits and fines running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for bakers and photographers who simply wish to be able to abstain from being forced to express themselves in ways that should violate all the free speech laws in the country, though it seems the correctness has run that boat onto the rocks.

So excuse me for not focusing too much on Donald Trump’s moral failings. In one sense, it looks like there isn’t too much else out there to choose from anyway. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] does seem to have a higher measure of moral character and a whole lot of valuable experience. The bigger problem for me with Ted Cruz is that he doesn’t have the persona to compete against Hillary Clinton. If we had a population that voted on substance rather than on sound bites, he would have a chance. But the general populace votes on “60-seconds or less” ideas. And unfortunately, no matter what substance Cruz has, Hillary sounds better in short replays in the media.

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So the way I see it, IF Cruz gets the nomination, Hillary might end up winning the election. Many people who would vote for Trump over Hillary would be the same people who would also vote for Hillary over Cruz, and for the same reason: she sounds better. I’m talking about all the people that stayed home last time – laid off factory workers and the like, who thought last time around it wouldn’t make a difference for them. This time, they think it just might. His message resonates with them, and their votes will decide this one.

Just my two cents’ worth.

In the end, it is true that a president should be a man of outstanding character and integrity. But then again, the guy in office now has been the poster child of dirty partisan politics, race-baiting and acting like a king. And this might be exactly where the problem (or the opportunity) is here. After all, HE got voted in twice. Maybe character doesn’t matter that much after all… and so Donald will probably have his sins overlooked if he can deliver the goods.

Besides, for all his failings, Trump’s stunning popularity is not merely because of his “showman” personality. He is popular because he is saying what a lot of people on the street believe is true. He is saying what the career politicians seem reluctant to say, and what the media seems to avoid like the plague (perhaps, because much of the senior staff in the media are married to staffers or are former staffers themselves). People are tired of the constant race-baiting from the current administration – the double-standards about white-on-black crime vs. black-on-white crime and the like. People are tired of the constant pandering to special interest groups. Yes, I do believe this is it.

trump wallAnd I might have to go so far as to say I agree with Trump when he says we should build a wall.

You see, there is plenty of room for Mexicans to enter through all the legal gates and doorways that already exist in the portions of the wall that are already there. The laws of the land merely say that if you want to come in, you need to do it legally.

The grim reality, as much as some might otherwise want to see it, is that letting a bunch of people into the country who will be a financial drain on the economy will not make the economy stronger as a whole, but weaker. But liberals don’t get that because they think the rich people can afford it. (And for them, “rich” is anybody who makes more than they do.)

By the way, speaking of morality, I also wonder if it is immoral for Cruz, [score]Marco Rubio[/score], John Kasich and, for that matter, Hillary, Bernie and Barack to not be honest about these things. Is it immoral for them all to pander to the masses about the mean rich republicans, or about “Islam being a religion of peace” when they know that it is not always the case? Is it immoral to tell it the way you know it ain’t, just to get votes?

Trump is popular because a vast and growing body of the population is becoming aware of the multitude of radical sleeper cells that are growing in the country; he is aware how porous the southern border is, and how many of these types are coming into the southwest end of the country via that porous border. The need for the wall is not merely to keep illegal Mexicans out of the country. These radicals are among those sneaking into the country every night across that unwalled border, waiting to unleash their hell on this country.

I know it’s not popular to say it, and a lot of people will hate me for doing so. But they are the ones saying they are declaring war on the great satan (which would be us); the radicals are the ones who are saying they will fly the ISIS flag over the White House. THEY ARE TELLING US they plan on declaring war on us, on our own soil. We are not at war with peaceful Muslims. But not all Muslims are peaceful. And the false dichotomy the government is constantly trying to paint about this issue is a very unhelpful ruse. Concerned people see right through it.

Donald Trump is gaining in popularity because he is speaking to all the issues the conservative base is most concerned about right now, and quite frankly, better than Cruz.

I’m not sure how I feel about Trump yet. The more I see, the more I like. But at this point, I am an “undecided voter,” and it’s the first time I’ve ever felt I didn’t know who I would vote for. But we are in for a ride.

The biggest problem I see is that the election is so divided because the heart of the country is divided. And these things, ultimately, are not fixed merely by getting the right guy in the Oval Office. They are fixed by the rest of us getting on our knees and praying for God to move in a mighty revival of righteousness and justice, with a heart for ALL of the persecuted and oppressed, including all of the ones (such as the unborn and the poor) who cannot speak for themselves, and all those on the wrong side of the politically correct divide.

Vote for whom you wish; but before and after you do, pray for God to move in the country. Because no matter who ends up in office, in the end, God is our only hope.

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