Donald Trump is Right about New Jersey




On 9/11 I turned on the television and saw the Muslims jumping up and down for joy on the hills of Jersey City.  Donald Trump saw it too and he told Chuck Todd on “meet the Press.”


Chuck Todd insists that Trumps saying that hundreds of people called him and agreed with him “doesn’t make it true.”   Neither does Todd’s scornful, superior attitude make it false.


I am one of those people who saw the Muslims on television  and was horrified by the radical Muslims we had in our country.  It is amazing to me that none of the television stations have come out and told the truth.  They must all be in the pockets of the Democrats and in the bathetic handkerchiefs of their liberal anger.


Todd went on to say  to Trump, “You’re running for president of the United States.  Your words matter. Truthfulness matters.”


Of course truthfulness matters.  That’s what Trump is telling us—the unfiltered, politically  incorrect truth.  Not only  about the Jersey Muslims but about Carly Fiorina’s ugliness and his feeling that John McCain was a failure for his being caught in Vietnam


For a newsman, Chuck Todd, who is a mouthpiece of his station’s direction, it is ridiculous to lecture Donald Trump about truthfulness.


Trump may act like a buffoon but he is fearless when it comes to telling the truth.  Obama is fearless when it comes to telling lies and omitting the existence of radical Islam.


Trump is blunt.  Obama is slick.  He is also sick in his turning America into a failed nation.  He is narcissistic, paranoid and the darling of the insecure, self-hating liberals.

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