Donald Trump is Right about Hillary Clinton!



Trump accuses Hillary of playing the woman’s card.  He should know about cards.  He owned a lot of casinos.


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The only cards Hillary knows are marked.  She used her husband to play her hand for her in exchange for letting him cheat under other tables.


Hillary accuses Trump of being anti-women and anti-black while she takes money for speeches from Middle Eastern countries that support Sharia and she helps disintegrate the black family structure by being a member of the Democrat party which supported slavery before the Civil War, the KKK and provided coddling rather than tough love to the black community.


She says in Philadelphia, “The other day, Mr. Trump accused me of playing the quote woman card…. “Well, if fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in.”


But the rights that she is tepidly fighting for have nothing to do with Trump’s accusations. She is dodging the question.  He is not accusing her of neglecting women’s rights.  He is accusing her of using her gender as a trump card.


Hillary is saying she deserves to be President because she is a woman.  Her, and millions of other women.  And I can’t really think of much she’s accomplished for women outside of helping to abort a few more of their babies.


We’ve had our first failed black president and now she feels it’s time to have our first failed, corrupt female president.


She is like a crook breaking into the vault of our trust.  As Obama set back the black presidency a hundred years she will undermine the possible greatness of a female presidency.


Obama is not fundamentally dishonest.  He is just monolithically and stupidly progressive.  His ideological prejudices make him non-pragmatic and unfit for office.


On the other hand Hillary is marking all her cards.  She is cleverly progressive and uses voters for her agenda which is the grandeur of herself and her perverted husband.


Hillary deals herself a straight flush.  She should be flush.  Her ambitions and behavior are embarrassing.  Not to mention her husband’s who is skulking around at all her rallies looking for whatever.

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