Donald Trump Is Boosting Border Patrol While Media Criticizes “Uncertainty”

The chaos comes from border patrol agents being empowered to enforce the law in a society that allowed lawlessness.

It is well-known that the President has endeavored to keep his promises on immigration enforcement by hiring more border patrol agents and in other ways. Because the previous administration (or administrations) basically left the laws largely unenforced it is now causing some unrest to see border patrol doing their job. Also, many politicians and bureaucrats want the non-enforcement to continue. The media describes this unrest as “political uncertainty.”

Thus, the Daily Aztec headline: “Border apprehensions up amid political uncertainty.

Days after entering office, Trump signed an executive order to hire 5,000 more border patrol agents to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, but the hiring of those agents has proved to be a challenge.

San Diego controls one of 20 sectors at the border with 2,400 border patrol agents guarding it. In that sector, agents are responsible for 60 miles, with only 46 miles having some type of fence.


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Through all sectors and in only the San Diego sector, the total number of apprehensions has increased between 2015 and 2016.

Nationwide, there was a 23.3 percent increase between fiscal 2015 and fiscal 2016, and in San Diego, there was a 17.6 percent increase.

(Border Patrol Agent Saul) Rocha said on average, 70 people are apprehended daily in the San Diego sector.

Through July 31, in San Diego, the total number of apprehensions in 2017 is over 21,500.

Read the full Aztec story.

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